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Why People Choose Divorce Arbitration


Ending a marriage can be incredibly challenging for both of the people divorcing. The reasons vary depending on the situation, but there are often different views on how assets should be divided and what the details of a parenting agreement should look like, and these disagreements can escalate when both parties are no longer able to communicate effectively.

Mediation is often a good option, but if you have gone through the mediation process in NJ or PA and a resolution has not been reached, you may want to consider arbitration. It is also possible for couples to move toward a trial and arbitration will be ordered. Choosing arbitration or having a court order arbitration means you will have an arbitrator, or an arbitration panel, determining the details of your divorce. Connect with a Bucks County family attorney to learn more.

Legal Experts and Retired Judges

Talk to a lawyer or other legal professional to connect with an arbitrator. Many arbitrators are retired judges or attorneys who are trained to handle this type of work. While they perform the role of judges in some ways, they are typically more accessible, meaning it is easier to book a time with an arbitrator on the date you want than to have a hearing scheduled for whenever the courts can fit your case in.

Each side will have an opportunity to share their side of the argument and a decision will be made by the arbitrator. If the arrangement is nonbinding, a trial could still be an option. But if the arrangement is binding, the arbitrator’s decision is final. The process is less formal than a trial, and the parties involved are required to pay a fee for the arbitrator’s time and expertise.

Advantages of arbitration:

  • Often more efficient and cost-effective
  • Less formal which may be less stressful for parties involved
  • Discrete, no public trial required
  • Parties can choose their arbitrator
  • Couple is able to decide on some details before arbitration
  • Flexibility surrounding where and when the arbitration will take place

How long the process will take depends, but generally couples can expect a couple months of preparation and the hearing itself taking a few days. Naturally there will be exceptions, your lawyer will keep you informed each step of the way.

Connect with an Arbitration Attorney Today

The best way to determine if mediation or arbitration is a path to achieving the post-divorce life you want, discuss the pros and cons of the process with a talented Bucks County family attorney. Because family lawyers work on these cases every day, they are attuned to the best options given the facts of each unique situation.

Are you ready to learn more about arbitration and discuss whether the option is a good fit for you? Family law experts have the experience and skills you need to assess your case and determine the best path forward. To secure the future you want, connect with the family law attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Schedule an initial consultation today, call 215-968-6602.

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