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Who Is Liable When A Car Hits A Jogger?


Car accidents do not only lead to injuries for individuals within the vehicles, there are situations when pedestrians and joggers are hurt. If you hit a person who was distracted while out for a jog, you may be wondering who is liable.

Unfortunately, many individuals who are out for a run do not adhere to all of the precautions they should. They may be so used to their jogging route that they fly through a stop sign without looking both ways, for example. Pedestrian injuries can lead to complicated insurance claims, talk to a Bucks County personal injury attorney about your situation to determine how to proceed.

Night Runs and Distractions

Running at night can lead to dangerous situations. When a jogger is running at night, they should be aware of the fact they may not be visible to drivers on the road. Opting to wear reflective clothing can help, but it is important for individuals to be aware of heightened dangers and modify their personal behavior as well. After all, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) has reported more accidents happen at night than during the day.

There are also times when car accidents involving joggers occur because either the driver or the runners are distracted. The driver could be focused on unwrapping a sandwich to eat and the jogger may be adjusting the music on their playlist on their mobile phone, for instance.

Determining who was at fault for the accident will depend on a variety of factors. Individuals who are out exercising should be using the sidewalk, or if a sidewalk is not available, they should be staying on the shoulder of the road. This is one example among many, but if a jogger is in the middle of the road, they may carry some level of liability, depending on the circumstances.

Exchanging Information

Just as you exchange information when one car hits another, you should exchange information with a jogger that you hit while driving down the road. If anyone is injured, call for emergency assistance right away. Individuals involved in the collision should be checked out by their healthcare professionals even if they initially feel fine.

And exchange contact information and insurance data so you will be able to connect if it is necessary to file a claim. Taking a few images of the scene can also be helpful, if more information about the event is needed later.

While pedestrians are not in vehicles, they are still required to follow traffic laws. If you feel a jogger was negligent, discuss your accident with a Bucks County personal injury attorney

Did you hit a person out for a run in Pennsylvania or New Jersey? Talk to a lawyer. There may be shared negligence. Contact a member of the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Our attorneys know how to secure the maximum settlement amount possible. Accidents happen every day. When they happen to you, it is essential you have a lawyer fighting for your rights. Reach out today, call 215-968-6602.

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