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When Is A Driver Not To Blame For A Single-Vehicle Crash?


While it is true that driver error is to blame for many single-vehicle accidents in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, there are situations when another can be held liable. If you have a lot of financial expenses, due to personal injury and property damage as a result of a crash, discussing your situation with a legal professional is advised. If you suspect another was liable and should be responsible for compensating you, you may be right.

Just because an insurance company or other party informs you that you will receive nothing or only a small amount of monetary compensation, that does not mean it is the end of the story. Experienced legal teams of skilled Bucks County personal injury attorneys can review your case and let you know if there is a possible path to financial recovery.

Pursuing Funds from Other Drivers and Municipality Claims

Deciding to pursue damages from another party following a single-vehicle crash can be complicated, establishing a lot of evidence to support your case is an essential part of the process. That said, when documentation proves you need for recovery in place, monetary compensation for another’s negligence could be possible.

  • Drivers of other cars, trucks, or motorcycles. If the driver involved in an accident was avoiding another reckless driver, there may be a path to holding that other driver accountable. Having to quickly swerve to avoid a driver traveling in the wrong lane or not obeying traffic laws, for example.
  • Defective products. When a vehicle did not perform as it should have due to a product defect, resulting in a crash, holding a manufacturer or retailer accountable could be pursued.
  • Municipality responsibilities. Local governments are responsible for signage and road maintenance. If there was an egregious road condition that prompted a single-vehicle crash, a municipality claim can be explored.

Investigation and gathering documentation to strengthen an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit is one of the many ways a lawyer can help you secure the financial relief you need following a collision.

Discuss Case Types with an Attorney

Being proactive can alleviate worries, so discussing possible financial compensation options with a Bucks County personal injury attorney means you can focus on healing rather than obsessing about all of the bills you have to pay after a car accident.

Single-vehicle crashes have been resolved with the driver of the single vehicle being compensated. That said, there are many instances in which the driver has been deemed the responsible party. An attorney can explore what actions are accessible for you.

Was a single-vehicle crash the reason you are facing financial ruin? Compensation could be possible if another person or party can be held liable. To have the details of your situation reviewed, talk with the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Because our attorneys have successfully secured financial recovery for accident victims, a strategy can be put in place without delay once our lawyers have gathered evidence. Exports can guide you through the process, to get started, call 215-968-6602.

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