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What If Someone Borrowed My Car And Crashed It?


People loan their cars and trucks to others all the time. Maybe you let a family member borrow your car so they could get to an appointment. Or possibly you lent your truck to a friend in order for them to move something large. But it is important to realize that if someone borrows your vehicle and is involved in a Pennsylvania or New Jersey accident, you could be held responsible.

There are many misconceptions about traffic accidents and liability. To access the facts and protect yourself as much as possible from financial loss, connect with a Bucks County personal injury attorney.

Negligence, Insurance Policies, and More

If there is proof that you had a reason to believe that the individual you lent your vehicle to would not do so safely, you could be negligent. This could be true if the person was under the influence or had a history of reckless driving, for example. In those situations, you could be responsible even if you were not behind the wheel of your car or truck at the time of the wreck.

Part of knowing what your next steps should be is fully understanding the insurance policies that are involved in the damage claim recovery process. Some policies cover a basic level of expenses, others provide full protection, which could include multiple drivers of your vehicle and anyone injured in an accident, including pedestrians, bicyclists, or others.

If the dispute can’t be settled through insurance settlements and negotiation discussions, it is possible the case will go to court. Typically this will only occur if expenses are high, such as severe injuries that require major medical expenses.

Whether You Borrowed the Car or Lent It, Talk to an Attorney

Personal injury attorneys provide advice and representation for individuals who are pursuing monetary damages and people who want to protect themselves from financial loss. A lawyer can provide you with guidance if you borrowed a vehicle and were involved in a collision, you loaned the car, or you were struck by a person who borrowed or loaned a truck.

Discuss your accident concerns with a Bucks County personal injury attorney. Because lawyers push back on low offers and file legal motions all of the time, they know how to assess liability and strengthen your case. You do not have to become an injury law expert, help is available.

Are you worried about being held liable after your friend or family member crashed your vehicle? Have your specific situation reviewed by a compassionate legal team before assuming you need to pay another’s expenses. Speaking to a professional is a way to learn about what  steps you need to take, and what options you have, in order to shield yourself from financial loss. Gather the data you have and share it with the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Whether you want to pursue compensation or protect yourself from legal action, a skilled personal injury lawyer can help. To begin your attorney-client relationship, call 215-968-6602.

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