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What If I’m Not Sure About Divorce?


Thinking about divorce can bring up a lot of conflicting feelings. You may fluctuate between fantasizing about what your future could be like as a single individual to feeling a deep sense of loss by leaving a life you planned and built with your spouse.

Educating yourself may lead to a feeling of strength, whether you choose to separate or not. There are many divorce resources, from books to personal counselors. A marriage counselor may be a way for you and your spouse to walk through issues straining your relationship. And legal guidance from a Bucks County family attorney can provide you with knowledge on what separation and divorce could mean for you in terms of your finances, properties, and debts.

Is Either Party Happy?

Relationships are complicated and many marriages go through a period of difficulty. If you and your spouse have determined that the marriage is working for one person but the other person is unhappy, there could be a way to adjust the situation so that both parties are getting what they need to thrive. Sometimes this will involve a period of separation for each individual to assess their needs and wants. Then, the couple may reconcile or divorce can be pursued.

Because this is a sensitive time in a marriage, new romantic relationships should be avoided. It is natural for people to feel lonely or want to connect with an exciting new opportunity, but introducing a third party will make the entire situation more difficult. And if separation and divorce are the end result, infidelity could also impact the terms of your divorce agreement.

Take the process slow so each decision can be made with care. Divorcing out of anger is not a path to relief. Strong emotions are normal, but level-headed thinking is required when making decisions about your individual future and the future of your family.

What About My Financial Situation?

Divorces can be expensive. Not only is there a cost to the divorce process itself, but you could be transitioning from a household that was supported by two incomes to a house supported by one. Craft a budget for how you will live on your own. This is another reason why separating for a period of time can be beneficial, so each party can have an understanding of what their life might look like should the marriage end.

Deciding to end a marriage is a personal decision. Legal assistance is available, a Bucks County family attorney can share with you ideas connected to separation agreements, divorce mediation, and how to establish a well-crafted parenting plan.

Do you want to talk over how a divorce will affect you? The family law attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand have the experience you need and will answer all of your questions about the divorce process. After our lawyers understand the facts of your situation, they will share possible paths forward with you. To learn more about divorce in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, schedule a free initial consultation today, call 215-968-6602.

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