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What If I Need Higher Child Support Payments?


If you are seeking a change in your child support payments, know that child support modifications are possible. Increases and decreases are awarded when needed. Of course, a family court will assess how the circumstances of both parties have changed since a child support payment was awarded. Then, an adjustment can be made.

If you need a child support increase and you live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, talk to a Bucks County family attorney. While a support modification is likely not possible simply because you want it, there are life changes that can prompt the need for a legal change to a child support agreement.

Factors Considered When a Modification is Requested

It is a legal requirement that both parents provide support for their children until they are adults,  18 years of age. There are even situations that require support beyond 18 years. When parents divorce, often a child support order will be put into place, a monthly amount one parent will pay to the other, the primary caregiver, to help with expenses of raising a child, including housing, food, and healthcare.

There are times when the amount is appropriate for both parties and never needs to be modified, but there are also times when a parent receiving support seeks an increase or the parent paying support moves to have the amount reduced.

Child support modification requests will take the following factors into consideration:

  • Incomes of both parents
  • How many children and their ages
  • Whether custody is shared or visitation rights are in place
  • Parental expenses and assets
  • Other factors, including special need considerations

Evidence of the need for an increase will need to be provided. A legal professional can help you clearly communicate the need for a modification and gather the documentation necessary to support your request.

Examples of Changes that Could Prompt a Modification

When seeking an increase in child support, it will likely be connected to parent income, custodial changes, or a shift in a child’s needs. For example, if the person paying support is making far more now than they were when the award was initially granted, the claim that a modification is necessary is strong. Also, if there is evidence of the need for more resources for education or healthcare.

Of course, it can be stressful to reopen a discussion surrounding support payments. Even if you feel you should be receiving a higher amount, your ex-spouse may feel the current amount is appropriate and push back on your request. But, you know what you need to create the best environment for your child. Work with a Bucks County family attorney to understand all of your options as you navigate a modification. Skilled family lawyers have experience with child support adjustments.

Do you believe your ex-spouse should be paying a higher amount of child support? The family law attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand help. Our dedicated legal team understands the finer points of family law. There are opportunities to create the life you want. Schedule your consultation today, call 215-968-6602.

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