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Ways To Prevent An Animal Bite Injury


Each year, it estimated between four and five million individuals are bitten by dogs in the United States. Because of these animal bite injuries, there are hundreds of millions of dollars paid out on insurance claims.

Dog owners can be held liable when the behavior of their animal leads to injuries. There can be exceptions, if it can be proven the bite victim was trespassing on the person’s property or was provoking the animal. If you suffered a dog bite injury in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, discuss your compensation options with a Bucks County personal injury attorney.

Ways to Avoid a Bite Injury

Of course, it is best to avoid a dog bite all together when possible. It will mean no injury for you and a way to prevent conversations with the owner about their responsibility to pay for the damage their animal caused. Compensation is often possible through a homeowner’s insurance policy rather than out of their personal wallet, but it is still common for pet owners to resist payouts for bite injuries.

It is best to always ask an owner for permission before approaching a dog or other pet. It is impossible for you to know how aggressive an animal is or if it has a history of reacting violently to strangers touching their fur. If the owner says it is alright to pet the animal, approach the dog slowly. Let the animal smell your hand and only proceed further if the dog reacts positively.

Individuals who have a dog or another animal at home that enjoys loud, rambunctious play should not assume other animals enjoy the same level of energy. Avoid surprising the animal and remind children that behaving aggressively around unfamiliar animals can be risky.

Have Dog Bite Injuries Treated Right Away

Dog and other animal bites can be serious. There are times when diseases are transferred and the bites can be deep, leading to severe pain and the need for extensive medical intervention. Seeking medical care as soon as possible is your best path to a full recovery.

Then, connect with a Bucks County personal injury attorney to explore compensation options. If the dog owner is a member of your social circle or family, you may be hesitant to file a claim. But even if you do not directly blame the animal owner, you have a right to compensation when expensive care is necessary. It is possible the settlement will come out of a homeowner insurance policy and not directly impact the dog owner’s monthly budget.

An experienced lawyer can determine what level of compensation is possible. If you are healing from a dog bite injury, understand your options before making a final decision.

Are you recovering from a severe wound in connection to a bite injury? The personal injury attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand will work with you for the best possible outcome. Even if you do not blame the owner for the accident, you may be facing expensive medical bills and need financial relief. Schedule your consultation today, call 215-968-6602.

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