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Understanding PA Comprehensive And Collision Coverage


Vehicular accidents can be incredibly devastating, both physically and financially. Pennsylvania driver’s shield themselves from economic damages in the event of a collision by carrying adequate insurance coverage, but sometimes it isn’t clear to families which policy is best for them.

When you have questions about how an auto policy will pay for your accident expenses, talk to  a Bucks County personal injury attorney. Experienced lawyers understand the ins and outs of comprehensive, collision, and other forms of insurance, so they are able to guide you through the recovery process.

Choosing Between Comprehensive and Collision Auto Insurance

There are key differences between comprehensive auto insurance and collision auto insurance:

  • Comprehensive insurance. These auto policies provide coverage for non-collision-related incidents that could lead to vehicular damage or loss. Some examples of when you would use a comprehensive insurance plan include theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and animal collisions. Comprehensive coverage gives individuals peace of mind, because they know their economic interests in their vehicles are shielded from risks beyond their control.
  • Collision insurance. On the other hand, collision coverage provides you with coverage for damages as a result of collisions with other vehicles or objects, regardless of fault. This type of coverage is often used after an accident with another vehicle, but it could also come into the discussion if a tree or guardrail is struck.

When choosing which type of coverage is the right match for you, consider factors such as the value of your vehicle, your budget, and your risk tolerance. For example, some Pennsylvania drivers who have valuable vehicles opt for the highest level of insurance coverage, but if your vehicle has a lower value, you may simply opt for a more basic insurance plan as your possible repair or replacement costs may not justify the additional coverage.

How Coverage Helps after a Pennsylvania Car Accident

After a car accident in Pennsylvania, insurance plans can provide vital financial protection. This financial relief can help repair or replace your vehicle if it is damaged or stolen due to non-collision incidents when a person has comprehensive coverage. And if you are seeking vehicle’s repair or replacement costs covered after a collision, you may lean on a collision auto plan.

The important thing is to be sure you are connecting with the damage recovery you need. To have your insurance plans reviewed and discussed the possibility of getting relief from financial burdens through other means, such as legal action, discuss your case with a Bucks County personal injury attorney.

Do you need advice on how much insurance you need or how to access financial protections after a PA accident? When you talk to a seasoned attorney, you will understand the differences between different types of policies, which will empower you to get the settlement you need following a collision and make informed decisions about your insurance coverage in the future. Make an appointment today to have a conversation with the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Call 215-968-6602 to learn more.

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