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U-Turns Can Result In Collisions


Automobile and truck accidents happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, a driver causes an accident when they behave erratically, moving their car in a way that is difficult for other drivers to understand and avoid.

A U-turn is when a driver turns a steering wheel to pull the vehicle in the reverse direction. Moving 180 degrees causes the vehicle to move in the shape of the letter U, hence the name. In Pennsylvania, drivers can receive a ticket for an illegal U-turn. When done erratically, the maneuver can cause accidents as well. After an impact, from a U-turn or other risk, connect with a Bucks County car accident lawyer to learn about compensation options.

The Reasons Why U-Turns Can Be Risky

When a driver does a U-turn, it can create confusion for other drivers or pedestrians walking down the street. This is particularly true if the road does not have clear signage showing U-turns are possible. If there is a safe way to turn around, there will be specific lanes of traffic marked for turns and U-turns.

When a street is not designed for a U-turn, the lanes of traffic may simply be too narrow to make the move efficiently. In those instances, a driver may find themselves unexpectedly making a three-point turn and blocking traffic. This is especially true if an angle needs to be adjusted repeatedly before the turn is made. When a car is blocking traffic and another vehicle comes across that blockage unexpectedly, collisions can occur.

Deciding Who Pays for Injuries Due to a U-Turn Collision

Just like any other car crash, a U-turn accident can cause severe damage. Passengers and drivers can be injured when they are slammed against hard metal or plastic surfaces or when airbags are deployed. There are also times when loose cargo injures car occupants or the car itself rolls over and creates harm.

To determine fault, a variety of factors will be considered. In some situations, multiple individuals are at fault. But, when someone violated a traffic law, they would be at fault. State and local laws will have to be assessed. It is extremely unlikely a U-turn is legal on a highway, for example, unless there is a center lane that is painted yellow for turning purposes. Each situation needs to be addressed individually.

When injuries happen, medical care can be expensive. If an injury results in hospital fees and rehabilitation expenses, it may be more than an insurance company will offer through a settlement. A Bucks County car accident lawyer can help provide legal guidance every step of the way. Many find it is best to contact an attorney before talking with an insurance company.

Were you in a U-turn or other type of car accident? Discuss your situation with the attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Our Bucks County personal injury attorneys know how to secure the maximum settlement amount possible. U-turn auto accidents do happen, and when they do you need a lawyer working for you. Reach out today, call 215-968-6602.


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