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Types of Visual Documentation in Personal Injury Claims


If you are moving forward with a Pennsylvania or New Jersey injury claim, visual evidence can be a powerful tool in boosting the validity of your claim. Whether you were involved in a traffic collision or a slip and fall incident within a local business, visual documentation can be a game-changer when it comes to proving you were hurt due to negligence.

When you connect with a Bucks County personal injury attorney, they will listen compassionately to your story and share with you what types of visual evidence could significantly strengthen a personal injury claim. Then, when possible, they will obtain this documentation on your behalf.

Sources of Visual Documentation

Visual documentation, such as photographs and videos, adds a layer of authenticity to a person’s account of an accident, providing a clear and compelling representation of the facts. This evidence can influence the opinions of insurance companies, judges, and juries.

Exploring forms of visual documentation is part of fortifying a claim, some of the available options you and your attorney can look into:

  • Local business securing cameras. It is common for businesses to install security cameras, they do so for safety and surveillance purposes. In the event of an accident or incident on or near the business premises, these cameras may capture footage that helps to establish liability.
  • Smartphones and mobile devices. Almost everyone carries a recording device these days, and often individuals involved in accidents capture visual evidence at the scene. Photographs and videos taken at the accident site can document damages, injuries, and the overall condition of the surroundings.
  • Traffic and intersection cameras. If you were hurt in a traffic collision, it may be possible to get footage from cameras installed at intersections or on traffic signals.

Whether you took photos on your phone after a car collision or believe your fall was captured on a security camera, talk to a legal professional about how visual forms of evidence can support your need for financial support to pay off accident injury expenses.

Prompt Investigations, Subpoenas, and Legal Requests

When it comes to preserving evidence, acting in a timely manner is essential. While you may be able to secure visual evidence independently, leaning on legal expertise could result in better outcomes for you and your case. As soon as you hire an attorney, your lawyer can begin to identify potential sources of video evidence and secure the footage before it is erased or overwritten.

A Bucks County personal injury attorney can also use legal tools such as subpoenas to obtain surveillance footage or other forms of visual evidence. This may involve issuing requests to businesses, government agencies, or individuals who may possess relevant documentation.

Do you have photos or videos that you believe prove someone’s negligence caused your injury? Through prompt and strategic actions, the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand can obtain and present compelling visual evidence to increase the likelihood of you connecting with financial relief. Schedule a no-commitment consultation to learn more. Call 215-968-6602 today.

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