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Top 10 Delay Tactics Used During A Divorce


Many who are exiting a marriage want the process to be completed as soon as possible, but there are others who choose to prolong the divorce process. If you believe your spouse is employing delay tactics as you pursue a divorce in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, share your frustrations with a Bucks County family attorney.

A skilled lawyer can guide you toward a resolution if you are experiencing any of these common 10 divorce delay tactics.

#1 Refusing to Respond to Legal Documents

One of the most common delay tactics used during a divorce is a person refusing to respond to legal documents.

 #2 Continuously Filing Motions

Another delay tactic is filing multiple motions. This can include motions for continuances, motions to compel, or other motions that do not necessarily further the case.

 #3 Refusing to Cooperate with Discovery

Discovery is when parties share information. A spouse who refuses to participate with discovery requests can delay the divorce process, such as not producing documents and refusing to answer questions.

 #4 Seeking Temporary Orders

A spouse may seek temporary orders, such as temporary spousal support in an attempt to delay the divorce process. This tactic can be particularly effective if the spouse believes that the temporary order will be difficult to modify or if the other spouse is likely to appeal the order.

 #5 Failing to Attend Court Appearances

Failing to attend court appearances is another common delay tactic. The unresponsive spouse may be hoping that the case will be dismissed or that the court will be forced to reschedule.

 #6 Refusing to Negotiate

Refusing to attend mediation sessions or settlement conferences could be a strategy used in an effort to get the other individual to become frustrated and give up on negotiating a settlement.

 #7 Filing for Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can delay a divorce process as a bankruptcy court may take control of the marital assets, so it would be difficult to impossible to address property division and other issues related to the divorce.

 #8 Hiding Assets

Hiding assets, such as a spouse transferring assets to family members or friends, can complicate the discovery and negotiation process.

 #9 Changing Attorneys

Switching attorneys frequently leads to case delays and can increase legal fees for both parties

 #10 Failing to Follow Court Orders

Finally, a spouse who fails to follow court orders can delay the divorce process. This can include failing to comply with discovery requests, failing to pay spousal support, or failing to adhere to custody or visitation schedules.

If you are facing an uncooperative spouse, it is important to speak with an experienced Bucks County family attorney who can help you navigate the process and protect your rights. Once delay tactics are identified and addressed, solutions can be strategized.

What divorce delay tactics are you experiencing? A path toward finalizing your Pennsylvania or New Jersey divorce is possible, whether your spouse wants to divorce or not. To learn more, speak to the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Call 215-968-6602 in order to book your consultation appointment.

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