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Things To Avoid If You Are Involved In A Custody Dispute


A custody dispute occurs when parents disagree about child custody concerns, this could include where the child will live, if custody will be shared, and how the living expenses of the child will be handled. If you find yourself in a dispute, there are many things to avoid in order to secure the outcome you are seeking.

Because they can be extremely emotional, custody disputes are often difficult for the parents and children involved. Issues may arise that you were not expecting. A legal professional can help you pivot when needed. Working with a Bucks County family attorney means you will know what to say and do in order to strengthen your case.

Avoid These Behaviors

Judges are interested in providing a ruling that is best for the kids. Because of this, there are things you need to avoid during a custody dispute.

  • Verbal fights and yelling. When emotions run high, individuals may feel they need to let their temper loose, but the opposite is true. You need to avoid yelling arguments with the other parent, particularly when the children are nearby.
  • Physical fights. Obviously, if yelling matches are bad, physical fights will not be tolerated. They could even lead to abuse charges and restraining orders which will negate the possibility of shared custody or other co-parenting agreements.
  • Not making financial payments. Child support payments that are agreed upon need to be seen through, whether they are ordered by the court or not.
  • Breaking schedules. When parents agree to visitation terms prior to a divorce being finalized, those schedules should be adhered to as much as possible.
  • Bringing new partners into the family. Difficult situations can worsen when a new romantic partner is brought into a child’s life prior to a divorce being finalized. To keep things smooth and civil, wait until the divorce is finalized.
  • Traveling without notifying the other parent. If a parent plans to travel with the children, out of town or out of state, let the other parent know so they have a full understanding of where the children are.

There are many other best practices, including avoiding the temptation to criticize your soon-to-be ex and their family around your children. Divorces can be emotionally charged, but staying as calm as possible around the kids is essential when you are in the middle of a custody dispute.

A Skilled Attorney Can Help

It is possible to lose a custody battle if you are saying or doing things that are not good for the kids. Having an effective legal professional on your side can help. A Bucks County family attorney has the experience you need.

Have you found yourself struggling to understand best practices during a custody dispute? A skilled lawyer has the experience to secure the future you are seeking. The family law attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand help. Our dedicated legal team understands the finer points of family law. There are opportunities to create the life you want. Schedule your consultation today, call 215-968-6602.

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