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The Future of Medical Malpractice in New Jersey

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act promises to put new demands on the medical system, with a growing demand for doctors. New Jersey, however, is already facing a shortage of physicians, and this situation is only expected to become more severe as the demand grows. This shortage may mean more malpractice claims.

Some likely results of a physicians’ shortage

By 2020, a physicians’ taskforce reports, there will be 12 percent fewer physicians in New Jersey than will be needed. No one can tell for sure what the results of a physicians’ shortage will be, but there are some likely scenarios that will mean you may require the services of skilled personal injury attorneys:

  • Procedures will be pushed off onto physicians’ assistants and registered nurses. More people will be trained to perform routine treatments in place of a doctor. Many of these will be highly trained professionals — but they will not have gone to medical school, and there is not yet widespread agreement about which procedures they will perform. There is likely to be a lengthy period of transition, during which malpractice claims may arise.

  • Emergency rooms will experience stress. As fewer people are able to get access to their regular physicians, the pressure on emergency rooms is likely to increase, and with it, the potential rate of error. Rushed staff and crowded facilities lead to errors — and the need for medical malpractice attorneys.

  • Older patients will test the system. The population of the United States is aging rapidly — and older patients are among the most difficult to treat, as they frequently have multiple and complex medical issues. As Americans age, they will demand more and more health care from a system that is struggling to fulfill its obligations. While it is impossible to predict how many medical errors will result from physicians handling multiple elderly patients, it will certainly be the case that families — and their personal injury attorneys — will need to be strong advocates for accountability.

Consult a personal injury attorney in case of a medical mistake

Medical malpractice is a constant element of the health care system, and one that is likely to increase as the system expands. If you believe that you or a member of your family has been a victim of medical malpractice, you should consult an attorney immediately. The personal injury lawyers of Kardos, Rickles & Hand combine compassion for their clients with rigorous investigation skills. Contact us today for a consultation.

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