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Steps to Take If a Lawyer Doesn’t Take Your Auto Accident Case


Healing after an auto accident can be a multi-pronged process. You may have physical injuries in need of care, emotional distress to cope with, and an ever-growing stack of medical bills. On top of all of these worries, you may be stressed because you reached out to a Pennsylvania or New Jersey lawyer in an effort to obtain compensation only to have the attorney decline your auto accident case.

It’s important to know that just because one lawyer declines your case doesn’t mean there isn’t hope for recovery. Sometimes, the reasons why one attorney rejects a case will not apply to a lawyer-client relationship with another Bucks County personal injury attorney.

Exploring Why Your Case was Rejected

Facing rejection from a lawyer can be initially upsetting, but remember that legal opinions can vary. It is possible for an attorney to see potential in a case that another lawyer overlooked. In order to connect with the right representation, it is helpful to understand why your case was initially rejected.

  • A conflict of interest. If a lawyer already has an attorney-client relationship with another party involved in the case, it can compromise their objectivity. As a result, the legal profession could decline the case due to a conflict of interest.
  • Insufficient merit. Before taking on an auto accident case, attorneys carefully evaluate the merit of a case. If they believe there is insufficient evidence or the case lacks legal grounds to support a successful claim, they may pass on the opportunity.
  • Deadlines have passed. If you are moving to secure financial recovery for accident-related expenses but the statute of limitations has expired, a lawyer may decline the case.
  • Firms have limited resources. Lawyers also need to keep the bandwidth of their firm in mind when reviewing potential cases. Because of this, it is possible for a law firm to decline cases if they lack the resources or manpower to handle them effectively.

Once you are familiar with the reason, seek a second opinion from another attorney. Different lawyers interpret circumstances and evidence in diverse ways.

Consult with Specialized Attorneys

Lawyers who specialize in specific areas, such as personal injury, auto accidents, or medical malpractice, may have a deeper understanding of your situation and see it from a different viewpoint than the legal professional who initially turned you down.

For instance, a lawyer may have told you there is insufficient evidence for your PA or NJ accident case, but a seasoned Bucks County personal injury attorney may see a way to connect with more documentation, including witness statements and expert opinions. Exceptions or extensions to the statute of limitations may also be an option, if that was cited in a denial.

Are you interested in seeking a second opinion? One lawyer deciding not to take your case doesn’t mean you are out of options, you may still be able to access damage recovery for accident expenses. Don’t be discouraged. Instead, consult with the lawyers at Kardos, Rickles & Hand to discuss next steps. To schedule a consultation, call 215-968-6602.

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