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Steps to File for a Custody Modification


Child custody arrangements sometimes need to be adjusted to better suit the changing circumstances of parents and children. Whether due to a change in job, relocation, or evolving needs of the child, understanding how to file for a custody modification is key. A Bucks County family attorney can provide you with legal support and inform you of your options as you move through the modification process.

When and Why a Custody Change Might Be Necessary

Modifications to child custody agreements are typically sought when there are significant changes that affect a child’s well-being or a parent’s ability to care for a child. Some of the common reasons modifications have been sought by other Pennsylvania parents:

  • If a parent needs to move for a job or personal reasons, the existing custody arrangement may no longer be practical.
  • Employment shifts. A change in a parent’s work schedule or employment status that affects their availability to care for the child.
  • Health issues. Significant changes in the health of the child or a parent can impact the child’s care.
  • Behavioral concerns. Issues such as substance abuse, neglect, or other behavioral problems of a parent that could endanger the child.
  • Change in child’s needs. As children grow, their needs change, and the current arrangement may not be serving their interests.

A Pennsylvania parent must demonstrate a substantial change in circumstances since the last custody order to request a modification. Several factors will be considered by a court to determine if a modification is warranted. For example, if the change would promote stability and continuity in the child’s life will be assessed.

There could also be a review of each parent’s ability to provide a supportive environment, and the overarching criterion is always what is best for the children. Additionally, depending on the child’s age and maturity, the court may consider the child’s preference.

Tips for Parents Seeking a Modification

If you believe a custody modification is necessary, don’t hesitate to seek legal advice to ensure a smooth and successful transition. There are ways to strengthen your argument, including keeping thorough records of any changes in circumstances, such as job changes, relocations, or health issues. With thorough documentation in place, you may be able to communicate with the other parent about the need for modification and work out an agreement outside of court.

As soon as you consult with a Bucks County family attorney, they can help you determine the right approach for your situation. From understanding legal criteria to presenting a compelling case in court, a skilled attorney can help you achieve a custody arrangement that will promote a nurturing environment for your child.

Could your current custody agreement change? Should you want to pursue a custodial modification or if you believe your ex-spouse will soon be doing so and want to fight to retain the current child custody agreement, the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand can help. To connect with the legal support you need to secure your objective, call 215-968-6602 for a consultation.

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