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Should I Report A Minor PA Car Wreck?


Traffic collisions are more common than many would like. According to one report, most Americans will be involved in approximately three crashes over time. Thankfully, most of these wrecks will be minor events.

Accident damage levels are not always immediately clear in the moments following a collision. There can be high expenses, even when an accident initially appears to be a fender bender. Because of this, it is often best to report an accident. If the police don’t visit the site, you can still file a police report. To understand what financial recovery options are available for you following a Pennsylvania traffic accident, share the details of your crash with a Bucks County personal injury attorney.

When You Need to Report a PA Accident

There are accidents you are required to report in Pennsylvania. For example, you need to report an accident if anyone is injured or a car must be towed. Additionally, hit and runs also need to be reported to the police. If any of these situations apply to a motor vehicle accident you are involved in, you need to contact the authorities immediately.

If the collision was minor and the vehicles can be driven away by individuals who are uninjured, it is not a legal requirement to report the event. That said, it may still be advisable to do so because when a police officer prepares an accident report, it may contain vital information that can be shared with an insurance company when you are moving to access damage recovery funds.

When it is a minor accident, an officer may not come to the scene, but if there is someone already working in the area they may come to process your report request. It is also likely a report request will be denied if the minor accident was on private property, such as within a parking lot.

Information to Share If Police Do Not Visit Crash Site

Whether you and the other parties decide it is unnecessary to call the police or you contact law enforcement and they inform you a police report isn’t necessary, there is still information you need to collect, including the following.

  • Names and contact information of all drivers.
  • Driver’s license and insurance company details.
  • Contact information of pedestrians, passengers, or witnesses, if possible.
  • Vehicle identification, such as license plate numbers.

In addition, take photos of your vehicle and any road conditions that led to the accident. It is important to capture images or write down specifics, as it can be easy to forget details later. When filing a claim, a Bucks County personal injury attorney can support you through the process.

Do you have unpaid bills following a minor PA car crash? Connect with the seasoned legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand to have the details of your case reviewed. Our attorneys will work hard to secure the maximum amount possible to assist you in settling past bills, future expenses, whether the accident was minor or severe. After a car accident in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, reach out to secure the legal support you need. Call 215-968-6602.

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