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Semi Trailer Crashes Can Be Extremely Dangerous


A tractor-trailer is a large truck with a trailer attached, these are also sometimes referred to as semi trailers. These vehicles carry unique risks when involved in accidents. The sheer size of these vehicles can lead to crashes with severe injuries and fatalities.

Each day, cars are sharing roads and highways with these semi trailers which can weigh 40,000-80,000 pounds each. When you are involved in an accident with vehicles of this size, property damage and injuries result. Discuss your situation with a Bucks County personal injury attorney.

Why Semi Trailer Crashes Happen

There are risks that are unique to tractor-trailers. One of these is the time it takes to brake the vehicle to a full stop. If a stop is needed but unexpected, a large commercial truck may be unable to slow and stop the vehicle in the time frame needed to prevent a crash. Plus, some trucks are carrying loads that are hazardous on impact, including items that are flammable or explosive.

Some accident triggers for large trucks:

  • If the cargo is not loaded property there can be shifts in weight that overturn a truck unexpectedly.
  • When a driver is sleep deprived, fatigue can impair perception and response times.
  • If braking is an issue, rear-end collisions can result.
  • When a driver is reckless or intoxicated, poor decisions create more risks.
  • If there are dangerous weather conditions, such as snow, rain, or ice.
  • When a driver is on a cell phone or other device.

Take Steps to Avoid Semi Collisions

There are a few things car drivers can do to avoid semi trailer crashes. The truck drivers are not the only ones who have to drive carefully. Car drivers can give trucks extra space, use turn signals appropriately, and make a point of avoiding the truck driver’s blind spots. Keeping in mind how difficult commercial trucks are to maneuver, cars can do what they can to remain visible to these large vehicles.

Also, keep weather conditions in mind. In windy conditions, for example, it is particularly important to give semis space. Their weight distribution can create issues, leading to the trucks having trouble negotiating roads in troublesome weather conditions.

If you have already been in collision with a large truck, you have direct experience with how scary and severe these crashes can be. A Bucks County personal injury attorney can help you navigate insurance negotiations and claims.

Because accidents involving commercial trucks have their own complexities, an attorney can be extremely helpful. Trucking companies may deny claims or fight against settlement amounts. Knowing that accident expenses are part of their business, trucking companies resist large settlement amounts and shield their company finances as much as possible.

Have you been in a tractor-trailer accident? Truck accident cases are known to be complicated, you need an experienced accident attorney on your side. Call the lawyers at Kardos, Rickles & Hand today. Together, we can secure the compensation package you need to cover hospital bills and lost wages. Schedule your consultation today, call 215-968-6602.


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