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Scaffolding Systems, Lifts, Ladders, And Falling Risks


Falls are a known risk when people are using ladders, lifts and scaffolding systems while at work or performing tasks in their private lives. Because of this, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an organization that works to ensure workers are safe and healthy through the enforcement of work standards and ongoing education initiatives, cites workplace falls as one of the main workplace injury risks.

If you were injured in a fall and need monetary assistance to settle extensive medical fees connected to your fall injury, speak to a Bucks County personal injury attorney about the possibility of compensation through workers’ comp or personal injury claims. Additionally, legal action could be possible. Ladders, lifts, and scaffolding systems are required for many New Jersey and Pennsylvania jobs. And individuals use them to do home improvements and take care of landscaping needs. But a fall can lead to life-threatening injuries.

Training Workers and Failed Equipment

Because falls are not rare and a ladder or scaffolding injury can result in severe harm, OSHA has moved to educate workplaces on precautions that should be taken and put regulations in place to try and avoid employee harm. Part of this process is identifying accident risks and training workers. Understanding why past accidents happen can provide paths to preventing future accidents.

Workplace falls from ladders and scaffolding systems have happened for a range of reasons:

  • Miscommunications on a worksite that was particularly noisy.
  • Safety features, such as fall arrests, were not engaged.
  • Debris, tools, or other falling objects struck an individual.
  • Workplace did not prioritize protocols.
  • Improper tool selection.
  • Equipment was faulty.

As is true with many accidents, there could have been a variety of factors in play when an accident occurs.

A Legal Professional Can Inform You of Your Options

Injury compensation can be complicated, particularly when multiple parties are involved in the settlement. An attorney with experience supporting fall injury clients will guide you through the process.

For instance, if you or someone you care about was injured in a workplace fall, they may have received information about workers’ compensation from their employer. A Bucks County personal injury attorney can review that paperwork and explore the possibility of other forms of recovery, such as a product liability claim in the event of equipment failure.

When a tool that is designed to give a person access to high heights, such as a ladder or scaffolding system, fails, the company that designed or produced the product could carry a percentage of fault.

Could you use legal guidance after a fall injury? There could be multiple avenues for damage recovery, including workers’ comp payments, personal injury settlements, or legal filings. There are many details to assess, but you don’t have to untangle complicated insurance information on your own. Instead, collect the data you have and share it with the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Our seasoned attorneys will inform you of what outcomes they secured in past cases similar to your own and how to obtain a full and fair recovery amount for you. To begin the process, call 215-968-6602.

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