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Safe Driving Habits to Help Avoid Accident Injuries


There are habits that can help a driver to avoid collisions and the resulting injuries. This is true if you are a novice driver or have been driving for years. Even seasoned drivers need to remind themselves now and again to adjust their behavior in bad weather, for example. Boosting good habits today means more years on the road for you, your loved ones, and the individuals you share roads with in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and around the country.

If an accident does occur, and collisions happen even when drivers are doing all they can to prevent a crash, connect with a Bucks County car accident lawyer to understand your chances of damage recovery and how to build your claim.

Inclement Weather and Distracted Driving

When there are shifts in weather conditions, drivers need to adjust their driving in order to stay safe. If there are strong wind gusts or bouts of rain, ice, or snow, slow down and allow more space between your car and other vehicles. Also, headlights may need to be turned on if daytime darkens due to poor weather.

And, just as you have to pay attention to driving conditions when behind the wheel of a vehicle, it is essential drivers avoid distractions when driving. Too often an individual glances at their phone or begins to play with dashboard controls and are then unable to assess risks on the road. According to one Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, every day distracted driving results in over one thousand American injuries.

All Traffic Laws Must Be Followed

While everyone understands that they should obey traffic laws, many find themselves not being as vigilant as time goes by. For example, a driver may not use their turn signal as often as they did when they first received their license. Or, they may find themselves driving over the speed limit on their daily commute.

Remember, traffic laws are in place to keep everyone using the roads safe. When people act as if the laws do not apply to them, they are risking injury to themselves and others. If you failed to obey a traffic law and there was a traffic accident as a result, discuss the situation with a Bucks County car accident lawyer. It is possible your disregard of rules could be a negligent act.

Vehicular Maintenance Can Also Help

Beyond your behaviors on the road, maintaining your vehicle can help you avoid collisions. Tires that are inflated correctly assist a person in controlling their car or truck. When a tire is bald, meaning the treads are worn away, it is possible a vehicle will hydroplane on a wet road, for example.

Are you trying to move forward after a New Jersey or Pennsylvania car accident? Contact a member of the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Our attorneys know how to secure the maximum settlement amount possible. Accidents happen every day. When they happen to you, it is essential you have a lawyer fighting for your rights. Reach out today, call 215-968-6602.

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