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Pursuing A Legal Separation


In the state of Pennsylvania, you do not need to legally file a separation, but many find it helpful to connect with a legal professional for guidance. It is important to note that the reasons couples separate vary, some are moving toward a divorce but others are able to resolve marital issues and get together again.

Discuss your separation agreement concerns with a dedicated Bucks County family attorney. An experienced lawyer can provide options for you and let you know what future resolutions could occur should you choose to end the marriage after a period of separation.

Trial Separations and Legal Separations

If you and your spouse decide it would be best to live apart for a period of time and are doing so without a formal agreement, it is a trial separation. In these situations, you and your spouse have likely agreed to terms surrounding child visitation and how the two households will be financed during the period of separation. In a court of law, a trial separation is part of the overall timeline of a marriage.

But if the relationship has dissolved beyond a trial separation, you may be pursuing a legal separation. While there are no laws in place regarding a separation, this is when a couple decides to draft a legal document to sort out one or more of the following while they are living apart.

  • Child custody. This could include the daily routine of a child’s life and outline co-parenting or visitation schedules.
  • Child support. If one parent will be providing child support, that amount needs to be documented.
  • Division of property. While a division may be temporary, if the couple is not divorcing, marital property division documents can be helpful in having a set agreement on who is taking what while living apart.
  • Other financial concerns. This could include an alimony agreement, terms on who will be paying bills, or how health expenses will be handled.

Some couples choose to separate because they believe they will be able to reconcile at a later date. In other situations couples opt to live separately but stay married, for benefit reasons or due to religious beliefs.

Talk to a Lawyer About Separation Agreements 

If you are considering legal counsel as you are mulling over a separation, you are not alone. It is important to have a Bucks County family attorney on your side who is thinking of your best interests as you navigate a time in your marriage that may be emotionally distressing and exhausting. Skilled lawyers are available to help you draft a plan to protect your future, whether you think divorce is a possibility or you plan to stay married.

Do you have questions about pursuing a separation agreement in Pennsylvania or New Jersey? Many couples choose to live separately at some point in their marriage. Having a legal document in place can help protect your future, to learn more connect with the family law attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Schedule an initial consultation today, call 215-968-6602.

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