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Preparing for a Pennsylvania Divorce Court Appearance


Going to court can be an unpleasant experience. But, for a successful result of your case, sometimes going to court is necessary. A Bucks County divorce attorney can help you prepare.

Review Documents and Deposition

Reviewing your documents will help you to be more confident and can help to secure the results you are seeking. In trial, sometimes the other side will try to make it seem as if you do not understand the facts or that you are changing your story, contradicting past testimony. Discuss fears you have with your attorney, they may be able to supply a list of questions you should prepare for, as well as an overview of topics that will be addressed.

When you are prepared, you will be calm. Composure is important as court appearances can be stressful. Remember to keep your cool. If your spouse says something you disagree with, resist any urge to mutter a retort or roll your eyes. Remain composed throughout their testimony and take your time when it is your turn to testify. Don’t feel rushed.

Exhibit a Professional Demeanor and Dress

Dressing for court is not a specific science. Your attorney can guide you toward some basic rules to follow including men wearing long pants, collared shirts, and ties. Women should opt for long pants or a knee-length or longer dress or skirt with a blouse or sweater. While there are a variety of outfits that are appropriate for the courtroom, there are items that should never be worn to court.

Clothing items you should not wear to court:

  • Shorts
  • T-shirt or muscle shirt
  • Transparent tops
  • Flip flops
  • Clothing that shows the midriff
  • Torn or ripped jeans
  • Clothing that illustrates or states illegal or inappropriate activities

When you dress well, it is more likely that you will feel good about yourself and confident. That said, you want to be comfortable and feel like yourself, too. It is important that everyone is focused on the facts of the case, your dress should not attract any attention.

Be Yourself and Don’t Be Intimidated

Your Pennsylvania divorce attorney is there to support you and your case. There will likely be others in the courtroom including the judge and court clerk, but all you should focus on is your own situation and securing the results you came to achieve.

The steps taken that have brought you to court have likely been long and emotional. A lot of your energy and time is already invested in the case, follow through and prepare ahead of time. Once the case begins, take a deep breath and be yourself.

Whether you reside in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, divorce is a difficult process. If you are looking for an experienced lawyer, the Bucks County family attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand can help. Let our lawyers take care of all the technical aspects of your divorce and guide you toward the best path for your future, whether that is mediation or a court appearance. Schedule your consultation today, call 215-968-6602.


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