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Serving the Accused in Doylestown, PA

If you have been accused of a crime in Doylestown or Newtown, PA the criminal defense attorneys of Kardos, Rickles & Hand are prepared to provide you with the most vigorous, effective defense possible.

Our lawyers include a former police detective/undercover narcotics agent and a former district attorney and public defender. We possess extensive knowledge of the system, the judges, the police and the prosecutors. Furthermore, we have cultivated a relationship with the law enforcement community based on mutual respect. They know we won’t waste their time and that we are practical, no-nonsense criminal defense lawyers who believe in our clients and are willing to go to trial to defend them.

Some Types of Criminal Cases We Handle


Across the country, DUI / DWI laws are becoming stricter. If you have been stopped for driving under the influence, you cannot afford to proceed without consulting a trustworthy criminal defense attorney. Battling a DUI charge is possible, but if you do nothing or do not use a lawyer, you are much more likely to be convicted. Even on your first criminal offense, you’ll face costly fines, license revocation and jail time if convicted. Additionally, you may have to complete alcohol safety courses and community service. Penalties for subsequent offenses become significantly greater.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are unique in that they carry a certain stigma. If convicted of a drug crime, you not only face fines and jail time, but may also have difficulty when you seek employment in the future. A team of criminal law attorneys from Kardos, Rickles & Hand can explain the different types of drug crimes. Offenses like minor possession of marijuana carry the smallest penalty. However, crimes like intent to distribute or drug trafficking are dealt with very harshly by the criminal justice system and are punishable by lengthy prison sentences.

Violent Crimes and Sex Crimes

Violent crimes and sexual offenses are the most serious crimes with which you can be charged. You face severe penalties if convicted, and you are also likely to have extreme difficulty obtaining gainful employment in the future. At Kardos, Rickles & Hand, our Bucks County criminal defense attorneys understand what is at stake and we are prepared to utilize every resource at our disposal to protect your freedom and your reputation.

Unparalleled Support When You’re Facing a Criminal Charge in PA or NJ

Qualified, respected, responsive. When you’ve been accused of a crime, the attorneys of Kardos, Rickles & Hand are here to defend you.

New Jersey Criminal Courts

There are two different types of criminal courts that handle matters in New Jersey:

Superior Court: handles all indictable matters.
Municipal Court : handles traffic matters, minor criminal matters and municipal violations.

A comprehensive law firm, we also represent individuals injured by auto accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident, and families dealing with legal issues such as divorce and child custody. With office locations in Newtown, Pennsylvania, we’re easily accessible to clients throughout Bucks County, Montgomery County and Mercer County. For more information, contact our firm today at 215.970.2755.