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Personal Injury Compensation and Medicare


A federal health insurance program, Medicare exists to cover the medical expenses of individuals 65 or older and certain individuals who are younger and live with disabilities. Like anyone else who suffers accident injuries through the fault of someone else, a Medicare recipient can file a personal injury claim. But, there are differences when it comes to settlements. If a Medicare patient receives financial compensation for their personal injury, they have to repay Medicare.

If you are a Medicare patient who is moving forward with a personal injury claim, talk to a Bucks County personal injury lawyer to determine what settlement amount is a possibility for you and how much of that amount will need to be redirected to Medicare.

Things for Medicare Patients to Remember

As a Medicare patient, there are a handful of items to keep in mind and keep track of as you go through your injury compensation process. A lawyer can help you with all of the documentation and reporting that is necessary.

Steps in the process:

  • Report the event
  • Report your compensation
  • Review any liens
  • Settle the liens

The first step is to report the accident and your injury to Medicare. If there are expenses that come up and the injury was not reported, it is possible a Medical official will reach out to you and ask about what is happening. Providing clear, honest information to Medicare officials is an important part of the process.

Similarly, it is essential Medicare is made aware of any personal injury claim settlements. Because, if a financial award is made, it is likely Medicare has the right to a portion of that compensation. This is another reason it is essential you secure a settlement that covers all your expenses, because a portion of your compensation could go to Medicare.

Appealing or Paying for a Medicare Lien

If you are awarded personal injury compensation, it is possible you will receive a lien notice from Medicare. It is essential you review this documentation carefully and discuss it with your Bucks County personal injury lawyer. There have been instances when expenses are listed that are not appropriate or applicable. There are also instances when future medical needs will have to be taken into consideration.

Once you have reviewed the Medicare lien, you and your attorney will need to decide if you will pay the full amount or if you are appealing the lien. If you think the amount is incorrect, an appeal is the right step. There are very few circumstances when negotiation is possible. Typically, the best solution is to either pay or appeal.

Are you a Medicare patient who is filing a personal injury claim? If you have questions about Medicare complexities, a lawyer can help. Your questions about Medicare can be answered by the experienced attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Let our lawyers guide you toward the best path for your family’s future. Our attorneys can help you investigate and evaluate the situation. Schedule your consultation today, call 215-968-6602.


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