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Parenting Plan Provisions to Consider


A well-thought-out parenting plan is a key tool for co-parents. It can serve as a map to parenting together while living apart after divorce, outlining the responsibilities and arrangements for raising children. Customized parenting plans meet the unique needs of your family.

If you are a Pennsylvania or New Jersey parent who is moving toward ending a union, how to co-parent may be top of mind. For individuals who are interested in learning more about how special provisions can help to create a more harmonious co-parenting journey, talk through your situation with a Bucks County family attorney.

Communication Protocols and Relocation Guidelines

To be effective co-parents, clear and open communication is important. It is normal for a divorced couple to want to streamline communications, and a parenting plan is an ideal place to specify how communication will take place and what the expectations are for timely responses. These types of guidelines ensure parents are informed of their children’s well-being and allow each parent to enjoy their parenting time.

It is also crucial to outline the decision-making process for concerns involving children, such as education, extracurricular activities, and religious upbringing. When it is clearly defined who holds decision-making authority, future arguments can be avoided. The language within a parenting plan should also establish a procedure for making joint decisions, when necessary.

And even if both parents do not plan to move when they are in the process of divorcing, relocation expectations should be included in a parenting plan. People move for a variety of reasons, due to work, personal reasons, or once a new romantic partnership is launched. Including provisions related to parental relocation can be extremely beneficial if a future move needs to be managed. For instance, a parenting plan can outline notification requirements, communication protocols, parenting time adjustments, and who is responsible for child travel expenses should a move occur.

Vacation Planning and Special Occasions

A valuable bonding time for families, many adults and children look forward to family vacations. Both parents should have opportunities to build travel memories with their kids, so a parenting plan should detail vacation schedules, if itineraries will need to be shared, and how communication will occur during the vacation period.

Plus, while some travel will happen during holidays and special occasions, there are also times when individuals stay home on significant dates and share time with their children. Include a detailed schedule for holidays, birthdays, religious observances, and other special events within a parenting plan. While you may have verbal agreements with your ex-partner, listing this information in a legal document can help prevent conflicts and ensure that both parents have equal holiday time opportunities.

When you are ready to work with a legal professional to build a supportive framework for raising your children separately yet cooperatively, make an appointment with a Bucks County family attorney.

Are you in need of advice on how to successfully co-parent? Wherever you are in the divorce process, the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand can help. To schedule your consultation, call 215-968-6602.

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