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Bucks County Attorneys > In Need of an Experienced and Dedicated Law Firm?

In Need of an Experienced and Dedicated Law Firm?

Our Pennsylvania Personal Injury Law Firm Has the Experience You Need

If you are looking for a lawyer, chances are that you feel as though you have been wronged and deserve compensation for your losses. If you are facing an injury, it may result in costly medical bills, lost time at work, rehabilitation costs as well as emotional pain and suffering. Alternatively, if you are facing criminal charges — whether it is for petty theft, DUI or violent crime — then you deserve the chance to plead your case. In any situation, it is important to take action against any negligent individuals or organizations responsible for the injury.

The attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand are here to help. We leverage our years of experience and commitment in order to serve the members of our community with unmatched care and attention. Our legal team consists of dedicated criminal and personal injury lawyers that represent the wrongfully injured, the accused and more in Doylestown, Newtown and the surrounding areas.

What are the Common Causes of Personal Injury?

There are many different scenarios in which personal injuries may occur — many of which are the direct result of another person’s negligence or irresponsible actions. The following are some of the most common accidents causing injury in Pennsylvania and New Jersey:

  • Auto accidents. Vehicle crashes cause serious personal injuries every day, which can result in monumental medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

  • Truck accidents. The sheer size and weight of these vehicles can cause a lot of potentially fatal damage. You may be able to take action against truck drivers, trucking companies and their insurance companies.

  • Motorcycle accidents. All motorists have a responsibility to watch out for motorcycles on the road — and they may be held liable if they fail to do so and cause someone an injury.

  • Medical malpractice. Mistakes such as misdiagnosis, prescription errors, surgical errors and nursing home neglect may cause serious injury or death, and must be held responsible.

  • Defective products. Some companies offer inherently dangerous products to the public due to design flaws or defective manufacturing processes. By failing to warn the public or to recall these products, they place consumers in danger.

  • Dangerous premises. If a property owner fails to warn about dangerous conditions, an accident could occur, resulting in serious personal injuries. The injured person holds the right to pursue a premises liability claim.

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is two years. This means you have two years from the time of the personal injury to seek compensation, although you may file a lawsuit beyond that period if symptoms do not show up until later.

What Are Common Types of Criminal Cases?

While all criminal cases are serious, some carry heavier consequences than others — especially if it is a repeat offense. The lawyers at our Bucks County law firm have experience litigating the following criminal cases in a court of law:

We understand that everyone makes bad judgment calls. We further believe that everyone has the right to plead their case. All of the above cases have potentially serious and life-altering consequences that a qualified attorney can help reduce or negotiate for a lesser alternative on your behalf.

Our Pennsylvania Law Firm Takes Action for You

Have you been injured due to another party’s irresponsible actions or negligence and in need of a personal injury attorney? Maybe you are facing criminal charges? Whatever your case may be, you can call on Kardos, Rickles & Hand today for all of your legal needs. Not only can we help with personal injury and criminal claims, but also family law and estate matters. Further, we offer appellate practice services to help overturn previous unfavorable rulings.

Our team is qualified, respected and responsive throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We have spent the last three decades providing the much-needed relief you need during a difficult time. We have dedicated our careers to helping people in need and have spent the time and effort to build up a strong repertoire of resources to bring you a favorable outcome.

To get started, call us at 215-968-6602 or contact us online today.

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