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Moderate Collisions And Financial Recovery


Car accidents can happen at any time and range in severity, some are minor fender benders while others are major crashes. A moderate car crash is an accident that falls somewhere in between a minor wreck and a severe accident.

To learn more about if a car crash you were involved in was a moderate collision and what levels of compensation you could possibly secure, bring the details of your accident injury to the attention of a Bucks County personal injury attorney.

What Is a Moderate Car Crash?

Whether a collision will be considered a moderate car crash or not will depend on a range of factors. Often moderate accidents involve collisions at speeds between 20-40 miles per hour and result in injuries ranging from minor to moderate. Even though moderate car crashes are not as severe as high-speed collisions, they can still result in significant injuries and financial damages.

Examples of Injuries sustained in moderate car crashes vary, depending on the circumstances of the accident, but often include one or more of the following:

  • A common car crash injury that occurs when the head and neck are jerked forward and backward quickly, whiplash causes strain on the muscles and ligaments in the neck.
  • Broken bones and fractures. Moderate car crashes sometimes lead to broken bones, particular in the hands, arms, and legs of accident victims.
  • Head injuries. Harm to the head can range from concussions to more severe traumatic brain injuries.
  • Back injuries. Ranging from minor sprains and strains to more severe herniated discs, back harm can lead to long recovery times.

Moderate car crashes can contribute to a lot of financial loss, due to medical bills, ongoing treatment fees, and loss of income as victims need time off of work to heal. The levels of compensation will depend on several factors, including the severity of the physician harm you sustained, the amount of medical expenses you’ve incurred, and the impact the accident has had on your ability to work and enjoy your life.

How a Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

In order to access financial recovery after a minor, moderate, or severe car crash in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, it’s important to speak with a Bucks County personal injury attorney as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can inform you of your legal rights and guide you through the process of securing compensation for your injuries and damages.

A car accident lawyer who has experience in similar situations knows how to build a strong case by gathering evidence and negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf. If necessary, they can also represent you in court.

Did you sustain an injury in a moderate collision? An attorney who is experienced in NJ and PA car accident cases can help you navigate the legal process and secure the compensation you need to recover and move past the event. Connect with the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand to learn more about how to receive the financial relief you need. Call 215-968-6602 to schedule your consultation today.

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