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Marital Annulment Possibilities in PA and NJ


When spouses no longer want to live together, they may discuss a few different solutions, and an annulment may be a consideration. An annulment is different from a divorce. While divorce acknowledges a marriage existed and terminates the union, an annulment declares a marriage null and void, as if it never existed.

If you want to learn more about if an annulment is possible for you or if you should pursue a Pennsylvania or New Jersey divorce, share the details of your situation with a Bucks County family attorney. Skilled professionals can assist you as you move to dissolve a union, including talking to you about when an annulment is possible and how the process can be pursued in your home state.

When Is an Annulment Possible?

Annulments are granted under certain circumstances, and the grounds for seeking one may vary between jurisdictions. Common grounds for annulment include the following.

  • Fraud or misrepresentation. If one of the people that entered into the marriage did so under false pretenses or with misinformation, an annulment may be possible
  • You can’t be legally married to more than one person, so if one spouse was already married at the time of the marriage ceremony, the subsequent marriage is considered void.
  • Marriages between close blood relatives are prohibited, so if it is discovered that a marriage is an incestuous union, an annulment may be sought.
  • Impotence or marriage not consummated. If a spouse is unable to engage in sexual relations and this information was not known by the other party at the time of marriage, it may void the union.

In Pennsylvania, annulments are relatively rare, and the grounds for seeking one are limited. The process involves filing a petition with the court and providing evidence to support the chosen grounds. The court will then determine if the marriage qualifies for annulment.

Similarly, the state of New Jersey only permits annulments under specific circumstances and the process involves filing a complaint with the court, providing evidence, and attending a hearing.

How Can a Bucks County Family Lawyer Help Me?

There are options for dissolving marital unions. Understanding the grounds and processes for annulment in Pennsylvania and New Jersey is key when considering voiding a marriage. A Bucks County family attorney can determine if the circumstances of the marriage meet the legal grounds for annulment and assist in preparing and filing the necessary legal documents with the court.

Lawyers can also provide representation during court proceedings and present evidence and arguments in support of an annulment or divorce. Legal professionals offer spouses who are ending a marriage guidance, so that whatever route they choose, the process is in compliance with state laws and regulations.

Could you annul your marriage? Annulments are not as common as divorces, but they do offer a unique legal solution for couples who are eligible due to their specific circumstances. The attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand can guide couples through the complexities of exiting a marriage. Schedule your consultation today. Call 215-968-6602.

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