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Life Issues that Could Prompt a Stop in Support Payments


When unpredictable life changes happen, New Jersey and Pennsylvania child support payments may stop. This creates a chain reaction. For example, if a parent making child support payments experiences challenges, they may stop making timely contributions, resulting in financial strain for the parent who is relying on the funds.

There are various situations that can cause disruptions in support payments. Often communication can lead to solutions, in other circumstances legal action is needed in order for payments to resume. If you are waiting on support payments from your child’s other parent in PA or NJ and aren’t sure what to do next, talk to a Bucks County family attorney.

Job Loss, Health Concerns, and More

One of the most frequent reasons for a halt in child support payments is a parent not being able to afford the payments due to loss of employment or a significant reduction in income. Economic downturns, unexpected job loss, or changes in employment status may mean the paying parent does not have the funds to meet their financial obligations. In these situations, often communication can lead to solutions. Such as the parent who has lost their job resuming payments and making back payments once they secure a new position.

Additionally, serious health problems affecting the paying parent can lead to financial strain. When a person is juggling medical bills and the inability to work due to health issues, they may not be able to continue with the current child support payment schedule. That said, they are not allowed to stop because they choose to, they need to seek a modification of the support order to directly address their concerns.

There can also be complications when a parent moves or there are shifts in how much time children spend with each parent. When a parent moves, changes in living expenses, employment opportunities, and the cost of living may require a reassessment of support payments. And if a child begins spending more time with the paying parent, adjustments to support payments may be necessary as well.

Communicate and Seek Legal Advice

A first step to take if you are not receiving support payments is to initiate open and honest communication with the paying parent. When you fully understand the reasons behind the stop or delay in payments it is the beginning of exploring solutions.

It is also important to note that discussing your situation with a Bucks County family attorney is a proactive step. An attorney can provide guidance on the legal avenues available. For instance, if the circumstances have changed significantly, either parent can petition the court for a modification of the child support order. If needed, your lawyer can also help you navigate the court system to secure a resolution that is fair and in the best interest of the child.

Were you depending on recent child support payments that never materialized? You have a right to court-awarded payments, discuss next steps with the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Call 215-968-6602 to schedule your consultation today.

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