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Key Factors to Document Following A Traffic Accident


Residents of Pennsylvania are protected by laws if they find themselves injured because of the wrongdoing of another. Often compensation can be accessed through insurance negotiations. But sometimes, evidence needs to be brought to the attention of state courts in order for a person to achieve an appropriate level of damage recovery.

There are many factors to consider when seeking compensation, including time limits and monetary caps. Connect with a Bucks County personal injury attorney to learn about the value of your claim and what steps need to be taken to prepare and engage in filing a claim.

Focus On Key Documentation

After an accident injury, it is common for individuals in need of compensation to be overwhelmed. With physical pain and discomfort, it can be difficult to try and assess what the insurance companies need and learn legal terms. But there are ways to streamline the process, and a skilled legal professional can help.

Hiring a lawyer means you can focus on healing. But whether you choose to work with an attorney or attempt to negotiate a fair settlement with an insurance company on your own, there is key documentation you will need for damage recovery.

  • The day and time of the injury.
  • Where the accident occurred.
  • Names and contact information of individuals involved.
  • Report from a qualified medical professional.

Failing to seek medical care in a timely manner is a common misstep. After all, you may not think an injury is that bad or that it will heal on its own, only to find your physical health deteriorating in the days and weeks that follow. You need proof that your injury was a result of another’s wrongdoing and that you are taking steps to follow a medical treatment plan in order to heal and avoid further physical harm. Connect with a healthcare provider as soon as possible, for your own health and the strength of your personal injury claim.

Your Attorney Will Issue a Demand Letter

Once you share the documentation you have with a Bucks County personal injury attorney, they will move the process forward, including sending a demand letter. The letter will clearly outline how your injury occurred, when it happened, and the extent of the harm sustained. A period of negotiations could follow. Your lawyer will let you know when an offer is fair and when an amount is too low to fairly compensate you for another’s negligence. 

Have you secured documentation of your accident injury and are now wondering how to use it to seek compensation? Talk to a member of the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand about what options are available given the details of your accident injury. If you or someone you care for was injured because of another’s wrongdoing, financial recovery is likely. Our attorneys know how to access more evidence, if needed, to secure the maximum settlement amount possible. You need a lawyer who is skilled in personal injury law. Reach out today and talk to a qualified legal professional, call 215-968-6602.

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