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Items You’ll Need in Case of an Accident


Unexpected car collisions are just that, unwelcome surprises.  But when you prepare your car with essential items, you’re actively taking steps to make a possible challenging situation more manageable.

After an accident in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, many find talking to a Bucks County personal injury attorney about their recovery options to be advantageous. So as you build your emergency contact list, consider adding the number of a trusted legal professional.

First Aid Kits, Blankets, Snacks and Water

Keeping a well-stocked first aid kit in your vehicle can help in many different circumstances. Sometimes people find first aid items useful when they are injured at an event, and of course car accidents can result in injuries and having immediate access to bandages, antiseptic wipes, and other basic medical supplies can provide individuals with relief until the harm can be assessed by a licensed healthcare professional.

It is also important to recognize that if you do need to wait for assistance after a car wreck, either medical support or a tow truck, having a blanket can provide warmth and comfort while you wait for help. Being stranded on the roadside without proper insulation during the winter months, or even on cool summer nights, can be uncomfortable.

Similarly, when packing an emergency kit remember that accidents can be time-consuming events. Having non-perishable snacks and bottled water in your car can keep you fueled and hydrated.

Mobile Phone with Emergency Contact Information

Smartphones are very useful should an accident occur. They can be used to call for help and when accident victims take advantage of smartphone cameras to document the accident scene, vehicle damage, and any other relevant details, they are securing visual evidence that could be incredibly powerful should they move forward with insurance claims or legal proceedings at a later date.

Making the calls you need to make post-accident will be easier if you have an emergency contact list in place. Many in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have these lists saved in their phone and always ensure their phone is well charged. Others choose to keep a printed emergency contact list in their glove compartment. Either way, include the contact information of your insurance company, your attorney, roadside assistance services, and any medical professionals you may need to reach quickly.

Of course, you also need to make sure you have a copy of your insurance information in your vehicle at all times. Accidents will be reported to law enforcement, and when police arrive at the scene they will need documentation of your auto insurance. Other drivers involved in the wreck and your Bucks County personal injury attorney will also request this information.

How did you react in the moments following a NJ or PA auto collision? Whether you were able to make all the necessary calls promptly or not, talk to the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand about the strength of your claim. You may be eligible for more compensation than you initially thought, call 215-968-6602 to learn more.

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