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Is the Divorce Rate Up or Down In the U.S.?


In the U.S., you will often hear people say that half of all marriages in America will end in divorce. But when people say that conversationally they do not point to where that statistic comes from or if it still holds true today. While there was a sharp increase in the divorce rate during the 1970s, there has been a decline since that time. Now, both marriage and divorce rates are lower than they were decades ago.

Of course, every situation involves unique individuals and many find the best course of action is to end a marriage and file for a divorce. If you are exploring the divorce process, work with an experienced Bucks County family attorney.

How Common Is Divorce Today?

If you are looking for statistics, know that the United States Census Bureau has released reports on the topic of marriage and divorce rates. A recent report covers the time frame from 2008 through 2018 and tracked these rates in women.

The results of the census report are as follows:

  • The marriage rate across the country decreased from 2008-2018.
  • The divorce rate in the U.S. also decreased from 2008-2018.

Over the tracked decade, the marriage rate reduced from 17.9 to 16.6 and the divorce rate decreased from 10.5 to 7.7. Of course, these numbers follow marriages and divorces nationally, the numbers differ from community to community.

Will the Trend Continue Through the Next Decade?

There is no way to predict if a lower marriage rate and a decreased divorce rate will continue into the next decade. So far, this shift in behavior has been connected to changes in how individuals connect to begin with. For instance, many couples wait longer to get married than they would have in the past.

There are also times when couples decide to have long-term committed relationships but choose to not get married. There can be legal problems for these couples if they choose to part as well, often there are complicated matters of shared property and investments. Although not legally married, there are times when a Bucks County family attorney can help with dividing assets.

Couples going through the divorce process know it can be an incredibly stressful and emotional time, even when societal attitudes toward divorce have changed. There is a path for moving forward toward a secure life post marriage.

Reach out if you need help with divorce, spousal and child support, child custody, relocation, pre/postnuptial agreements, and more. The experienced divorce attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand can help with your legal needs and are connected with an array of professionals, from psychologists to property appraisers, who can help to strengthen your case.

Are you going through the divorce process? Talk to the experienced Bucks County family attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand today. Let our lawyers take care of all the technical aspects of your divorce and help you move forward with the rest of your life. Schedule your consultation today, call 215-968-6602.


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