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Is My Spouse Delaying the Divorce?


Ending a marriage is difficult. It is common for both parties to be upset and emotional. Sometimes, one (or both) parties experience doubt. If you are in a situation where you want to move forward with a divorce but you feel your spouse is delaying the process, it can lead to frustration.

If you are having difficulties with your spouse, such as your spouse using tactics to delay the divorce process, ask a Bucks County family attorney about next steps. A knowledgeable divorce lawyer knows how to bring you the results you need to secure the future you desire.

There Are Many Reasons for Delays

Emotions can be complex, so if your spouse is delaying a divorce there may be more than one reason for their hesitance. They might think there is still a chance the marriage can be repaired, or they may be experiencing anxiety about what their life will be like once they are no longer married.

If both parties feel there is a chance the marriage can be saved, there are steps that can be taken. Maybe personal concerns could be worked through with a couple’s counselor. But, if it is time to end the marriage, despite therapy and counseling, steps need to be taken to avoid further delay and to keep the divorce process on track to finalization.

Stalling can happen in the following ways:

  • Ignoring communications about the divorce.
  • Failing to sign important documents that are needed.
  • Repeatedly rescheduling meetings.
  • Insisting details be revised again and again.
  • Changing lawyers frequently.

While each of these items is small, together and combined with other tactics, a divorce proceeding can be significantly prolonged. There may be hurt or fear involved or the individual could be trying to prevent a divorce to maintain their financial stability. After all, income can be reduced and health insurance and other benefits may be lost. Delaying divorce gives a person more time in those situations.

Talk to an Attorney to Move the Process Forward

When a person is using delay tactics, it may be because of their own personal fears or it could be a desire to incur more stress as a way to punish their spouse. Either way, it is natural to feel frustrated, but anger is not helpful. Remaining calm and relying on an experienced legal team is in your best interest.

With a lawyer on your side, you can move toward solutions. Mediation may be a way to settle disputes connected to marital assets and debts, for instance. Once one aspect of a divorce is resolved efficiently, it can pave the way for more amicable agreements. When everyone works together, it can help in resolving divorce issues without resentments.

Do you feel like your spouse is delaying the divorce process at every turn? There are ways to move the process forward, discuss your concerns with the attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Our lawyers pay attention to every detail and work to resolve disputes. Schedule your consultation today, call 215-968-6602.


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