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How Paralegals Support The Claims Process


When you make the decision to connect with an attorney to help obtain damage recovery following an injury, it is likely a paralegal will be part of your legal team. Legal teams are professionals who work together to provide an optimal outcome for you and your family.

And when you hire a Bucks County personal injury attorney, the paralegals in their office will assist them in preparing and gathering evidence, researching laws and regulations, and drafting legal documents. Paralegals are professionals who are trained to review information and gather the data needed to support the work of their employers, the attorneys.

Legal Research and Resolution Documents

One of the main ways paralegals support the claims process is by conducting legal research. When it comes to doing research, paralegals explore relevant laws, regulations, and case law to assist attorneys in building a strong case. This could also include locating and gathering evidence, from police reports and medical records to witness statements and security footage from where the accident occurred. Essentially, any evidence that may be used to support your claim.

Because paralegals take care of basic legal tasks, this frees up time for the lawyers who they work for, so the attorneys are able to take meetings with other personal injury attorneys representing an opposing party in order to negotiate a settlement, or go to court in order to advocate for their clients.

And when your case is moving to a conclusion, paralegals can assist in the preparation of settlement agreements, mediation and arbitration briefs. All of these items are documents and related to the resolution of disputes.

If court is required in order to obtain the financial level of recovery you need, your attorney’s paralegal can handle all of the scheduling, such as hiring court reports to scheduling dates with other legal teams. They may assist attorneys in the preparation of witness lists, exhibit lists, and trial notebooks. They may also help to prepare and organize exhibits and other evidence for trial.

Reach Out to a Legal Team After an Injury

Financial stress often follows an accident injury. You should not have to pay for expenses you can’t afford if another’s negligence or recklessness played a part in the injurious event. And you don’t have to learn the ins and outs of Pennsylvania or New Jersey personal law to protect yourself, there are seasoned legal teams, made up of attorneys and paralegals, that are available to help.

As your personal injury claim moves forward, a paralegal may be your point of contact if your Bucks County personal injury attorney is attending to other matters. It is common for paralegals to assist attorneys with clients, insurance adjusters and other parties involved in the claims process.

Could a legal team make the difference between a small settlement and a maximum recovery for you after an injury? Talk to the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand about who will be working on your claim and how legal experts can strengthen your recovery position. Schedule your consultation today, call 215-968-6602.

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