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How Infidelity Can Impact Your PA Divorce


Many couples move apart when there is infidelity. You may discover your spouse is having an affair or you may be involved in a romantic relationship outside of the marriage yourself. There is even the possibility that both people have engaged in intimate relationships outside of the marriage. Any act of infidelity could lead to the end of the marriage. Separation agreements and divorce terms can be impacted by infidelity. Being unfaithful can affect support payments and custody concerns, depending on the situation.

To understand what options are available for you, discuss the facts of your case with a Bucks County family attorney. Once you discuss your goals with a legal professional, they can share with you different strategies to secure the divorce agreement you are seeking.

Custody Concerns and Spousal Support

Infidelity can be a factor when seeking custody. The details of the situation will matter, such as if the kids know about the affair or if the affair impacted their mental health. lf you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement through negotiation and mediation the facts will be assessed in family court. Being unfaithful could be pointed to as faulty conduct, impacting custody goals in some cases.

Additionally, financial support could be lost when an affair comes to light. If you are not pursuing monies, in the form of spousal support, an infidelity will not be an issue. And even if you had an affair and your spouse is asserting that you lose your entitlement to spousal support as a result of the infidelity, there could be another path forward. Alimony pendente lite could be explored, which is a legal path to equalize funds.

Learn Your Options

Alimony, asset division, child custody, and support payments can be complicated, especially when there are disagreements and heightened emotions, which is possible in the aftermath of an infidelity.

Instead of simply hoping for the best, discuss what is possible with a Bucks County family attorney. You may have more paths to resolutions you are comfortable with than you initially realized. Simply accepting the terms your spouse moves forward or sharing an attorney with your spouse may not be in your best interests. Hiring a lawyer who will work for you and advocate on your behalf each step of the way means all issues can come to a full and fair closure now, which may help in avoiding future legal challenges as well.

Were you unfaithful? Or did your spouse have an affair and you are unsure how your separation or divorce will be impacted? Family law experts understand how to assess your situation and attain your goals, even in the midst of an emotional, difficult situation. To secure the future you want, connect with the family law attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Our lawyers have the experience and skills you need to assess your case and determine the best path forward. If you are planning to divorce in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, schedule an initial consultation today, call 215-968-6602.

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