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How Do I Know If an Uncontested Divorce Is Possible?


It’s not an easy decision when a couple decides to end a union. The separation and divorce process can be emotionally and financially draining, but it is also important to recognize not all divorces have to be acrimonious and contentious battles.

For instance, uncontested divorces in Bucks County are a more amicable and cost-effective way to end a marriage, but how do you know if this is an option for your unique situation? When you consult with a Bucks County family attorney, they will compassionately listen to your story and explore with you whether an uncontested divorce may be a viable option for you.

Factors to Consider When It Comes to Uncontested Divorces

An uncontested divorce is when both spouses agree on the terms of the divorce, such as the division of property, how assets and debts will be disbursed, child custody, and spousal support. The process is cooperative and non-adversarial, so both parties have to be committed to working together in order to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

If you are wondering if an uncontested divorce could work for you, consider the following:

  • Ability to communicate amicably. A primary indicator of the possibility of an uncontested divorce is that both spouses are willing to communicate openly and discuss important issues. This is necessary in order for spouses to find common ground.
  • Agreement on at least some issues. While it is normal to have an area of dispute or two, an uncontested divorce is more likely when both spouses are in general agreement on major issues, from property and asset division to child custody and support payments.
  • The marriage has been free of abuse. Because an uncontested agreement is based on cooperation and mutual consent, it is not advisable to pursue a negotiation if there is a history of abuse, coercion, or manipulation in a relationship.
  • Full disclosure of financial Uncontested divorces require transparency, meaning both spouses are completely honest about their financial assets and liabilities. Transparency is needed for a full financial review.

Talk to an Attorney to Protect Your Interests

If you believe that you and your spouse can communicate openly, compromise, and find a place of agreement, it’s worth exploring the possibility of an uncontested divorce. Amicable divorces are generally less expensive, tend to be resolved more quickly, and the cooperative nature of can reduce the emotional stress and trauma associated with divorce, so it is a desirable option for many choosing to end their unions in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

That said, you don’t have to agree to any process without exploring all of your choices. Connect with a Bucks County family attorney to ensure that your divorce is handled correctly and that your rights are protected throughout the process.

Is the concept of an uncontested divorce appealing to you and your spouse? When an uncontested end to a union is possible, many choose this route. To learn more, connect with the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Call 215-968-6602 to schedule your consultation today.

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