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Future Considerations And Your Parenting Plan


Crafting a parenting plan is often done by addressing the current, day-to-day scheduling and concerns of co-parents. While this makes sense, and is essential, taking future considerations into account could be useful in creating a parenting plan that won’t need modifications later.

If you are a parent navigating the divorce process in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, discuss your current and future parenting goals with a dedicated Bucks County family attorney. Carefully drafting a parenting plan now could help to avoid future arguments.

Children Grow and Needs Change

It is often said, but children really do grow up fast. A schedule that a child thrives in at five years old will likely not be the schedule they want or need once they are in high school. There may be extracurricular interests to address and each parent may have different ideas about when to introduce mobile devices and if there will be any limitations in place surrounding technology use.

Some questions to consider that may assist in avoiding future disputes:

  • At what age will the child be allowed to have their own cell phone?
  • Is there a timeframe for them to begin pursuing extracurricular activities, including sports?
  • Is there a summer camp they will attend?
  • What school will they go to?

Education is often an area of discussion for parents. There may be considerations unique to your family. For example, one of the parents may live in a district that has schools that are more attractive to your family educational goals. Or maybe it is important to one parent that the children attend private schools, possibly a school with a religious affiliation.

Disagreements are normal, but any that can be foreseen can be resolved before the issue exacerbates into a larger problem. Having an attorney assist in negotiations can be a path to an arrangement both parents are comfortable accepting. There are times, for instance, when parents agree they want their child to attend summer camp because they both enjoyed that experience as children themselves. But if both parents want the child to attend the camp they did, and the camps are states away from one another, there could be a dispute.

Impossible to Predict the Future

Naturally, it is not possible to get every detail right when building out a parenting plan. Adults, kids, and circumstances change. But you can set guidelines for how issues would be handled when changes occur. So if your child plays travel soccer now and you have wording in place to adjust to schedule changes, you could put that wording under extracurricular activities rather than under soccer. Then, if your kid switches from soccer to orchestra and is traveling for a concert, the same scheduling adjustments could be followed. Guidance on creating and modifying parenting plans is available. Talk to a Bucks County family attorney today.

Are you hoping to create a parenting plan that will hold up for years without dispute? Many parents find themselves in need of emergency modifications when a parenting plan is no longer working. To learn about best practices when it comes to parenting plans, connect with the family law attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Schedule an initial consultation today, call 215-968-6602.

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