The Advantages of Mediation Compared to Customary Divorce

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Some marriages, regardless of the efforts of the couple, cannot be repaired. Once a couple has come to this conclusion, it is usually best for all involved for the divorce process to be as quick and simple as possible. You probably want to produce a fair, balanced and complete divorce agreement with the least emotional and financial burden on the family. If you are seeking a caring and experienced family law mediator, look no further than Kardos, Rickles & Hand

Divorce mediation is becoming a more common legal option for divorcing couples. Mediation may be more financially efficient and is often more civil than the traditional divorce process. Divorce is always difficult, and arriving at a final dissolution of a marriage can be complex and emotional. Once an agreement is reached through mediation, the mediator will then present the agreement to the partners to present to their respective attorneys for finalization. The experienced mediators at Kardos, Rickles & Hand can assist you with all your divorce mediation needs.

Why Is a Family Law Mediator a Good Choice for My Family?

A customary divorce route can be extremely difficult on top of the existing issues of the relationship. The time, money, and effort that a customary divorce demands can make an existing issue even worse. This, in turn, affecting more things than just your relationship. If divorcing spouses feel that they can cordially communicate and negotiate to make decisions, family law mediation may be an appropriate alternative to customary divorce proceedings. Alternative dispute resolution methods — such as divorce mediation— are becoming more popular, to some extent because of the many resulting benefits. 

Many of these benefits are connected to convenience. For example, the couple may not have to make any court appearances. This makes the whole process quicker than the traditional judicial method and greatly reduces legal fees. Many couples choose mediation for personal reasons as well. Often, one of those reasons is that mediation is less stressful than a customary divorce process. For families going through divorce, it is also important to note that mediation will often keep the children’s best interests in mind.

Who Is Eligible For Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation exists to assists spouses seeking divorce into communicating affably with one another in order to jointly agree on the provisions of important family issues, including:

Divorce mediation may not be the appropriate choice for all couples, particularly in the case of a contested divorce or domestic violence. Understanding what kind of third-party assistance you may need is essential in solidifying the results that you deserve.

Throughout the process, a family law mediator works as a neutral third party to help you settle your legal issues. Being impartial, a mediator will not advocate or advise for either side but instead fosters a discussion that gets to the central point of both parties’ concerns and assists them in finding workable solutions. The mediation method is voluntary, and client-driven, which and can yield more creative, individualized solutions that can better satisfy the needs of the family than a court-ordered solution.

Do I Need an Attorney Through the Mediation Process?

Mediation allows you and your spouse to find areas of agreement and build from there. As legal mediators, our first priority is to create an agreement between each party and help them cordially resolve issues while allowing them to fully express their personal views. Once an agreement is reached, we can draft and administer a settlement that saves you money. Then, each party brings the agreement to their respective attorneys for a final legal document to be submitted to the court.

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