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Ethical Behavior And Your PA Insurance Claim


People sometimes have a negative view of insurance claims after an accident because they have seen television shows and movies where characters con their way into accessing funds. But for individuals who have been injured in a slip and fall event or car accident, and another person or party was negligent, filing a claim is the ethical thing to do. Doing the right thing means you are able to pay the accident bills incurred through no fault of your own and there is the possibility of future injuries being avoided.

Of course, if you were injured in an accident, the details of what is possible and what steps should ethically be taken are connected to the facts of your case. Coping with accident injuries can be incredibly stressful, painful, and expensive. To weigh your options and determine next steps after a Pennsylvania or New Jersey accident, connect with a Bucks County personal injury attorney.

Strengthening Your Health and the Health of Others

When a person sustains an injury, they need to take steps to care for their health in order to achieve optimal healing outcomes. This typically involves seeing a licensed healthcare provider and following their treatment advice, which could include physical therapy and other ongoing care. Caring for yourself is an ethical thing to do. Securing funds to receive medical care is not retribution, it is being responsible.

Also, if you were injured because there was a present risk, it is ethical to shine a light on the danger that lead to your injury. For instance, if a business failed to fix a hazard and you were hurt as a result, your claim could prompt them to put maintenance checks in place so that risks are attended to and repaired moving forward.

Insurance Companies Need to Follow Through

When you and other residents of Pennsylvania and New Jersey purchase insurance policies, you are doing so believing that the insurance company will see through their responsibility to help you when you need support. Filing a claim means an insurance company is being held to their promises, in most circumstances. Personal injury settlements are achieved through insurance negotiation rather than filing a lawsuit against an individual, in the majority of cases

When you are ready to learn more about why it is ethical to file for the compensation you need to be made whole after an accident, connect with a Bucks County personal injury attorney. Legal professionals are available to help.

Is it time for you to stand up for yourself, protect your rights, and access the damage recovery you deserve? Filing a claim could help you recover and protect future individuals from injury if there is a danger that is recognized and dealt with as a result of your claim. After an accident in PA or NJ, talk to the aggressive legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Our skilled attorney will listen carefully to your story, comb over your documentation, and share compensation options with you. Get your claim started today, call 215-968-6602.

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