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Emotional Abuse Within A Marriage


It is an unfortunate reality that some experience emotional abuse within their marriages. There are steps that can help you if you find yourself in an abusive situation. Legal protections can secure your safety and ending the relationship is a possibility. For example, emotional abuse could prompt you to get a restraining order today and to begin planning for your future by hiring a lawyer that can guide you through the divorce process.

Once you have recognized there is emotional abuse in your marriage, connect with a Bucks County family attorney about next steps, including discussing how to protect yourself and how to secure your finances in order to end the union.

Different Forms of Emotional Violence

There are a range of behaviors that are considered emotionally abusive but do not involve physical harm. When another puts you in a situation that involves mental pressure and making you feel threatened, that is emotional abuse. Protections are in place, reach out and connect with professionals who can help you improve your situation.

  • Direct threats. When your spouse threatens to physically hurt you, it is emotional abuse. Take threats seriously and get yourself to a place of safety.
  • If you have told your spouse the relationship is ending, and you have separated, they should not be showing up at your residence, workplace, or places they know you will be if you have made it clear you do not want to engage with them.
  • Being profane and crude. Exhibiting lewd behavior and acting aggressively should not be accepted. If children are present, this can be particularly abusive and toxic.
  • Harassing a person. Continual phone calls and texts when you have asked someone not to contact you is harassment. When this takes place online, it is sometimes referred to as cyber harassment.

If you believe you are a victim of emotional abuse, a restraining order could be needed in order to stop the contact.

Restraining Orders and Patterns of Abusive Behaviors

When you are considering a restraining order, you may be questioning if emotional abuse qualifies as a reason. The answer is yes. Patterns of emotional or physical abuse lead to restraining orders every day. Legal intervention is possible when your current spouse, past spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, roommate, or family member tries to control you through verbal abuse, violence, or other aggressive behaviors.

You deserve to live in a safe environment and enjoy your life. Legal professionals can help. If you are in an abusive marriage and want to divorce, talk to a Bucks County family attorney about what you should be doing right now and how to plan for the coming weeks and months.

How has emotional abuse been impacting your life? The legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand takes your health, safety, and wellbeing seriously. If you are experiencing abuse, talk to our compassionate attorneys to create the future you are seeking, whether you are a victim of emotional abuse, physical abuse, or both. To begin a successful lawyer-client relationship, call 215-968-6602.

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