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Driving When Sleep Deprived


It is common for people to not get enough sleep. When prioritizing work and personal commitments, rest and sleep often get put on the bottom of the list. But, sleep deprivation can lead to big problems, including car accidents.

If someone feels tired, extremely tired, and goes about their day-to-day life without considering the impact of your drowsiness has on others, accidents can result. There are many dangers to driving drowsy. Personal injury lawyers can help if you feel your injury was the result of a tired driver.

Risks of Driving When Tired

Now common knowledge, everyone knows not to drive drunk. But, if an individual chooses to drive when they haven’t slept for an entire day, their technical driving skills are the same as that of a person with a 1.0 blood alcohol level. In Pennsylvania, the legal limit for driving is 0.08 blood alcohol. So effectively, when you are driving and have not slept for 24 hours or more, you are just as risky behind the wheel as an individual with a blood alcohol content over the legal limit.

Also, people who use sleep aids are at risk of collisions. It takes time for sleep aids to work through the system. Typically, it is recommended to have at least seven hours pass after taking an aid. Therefore, if you get behind the wheel too soon, you will be groggy. A safe driver is an alert driver.

How to Avoid Accidents and Drive Safely

Of course, when it comes to drowsy driving, the logical answer is to get more sleep. But if you are in a situation where you or someone you love is a tired driver, there are a handful of things you can do to avoid accidents and drive as safely as possible.

  • Delay the trip. If the driving can wait until an individual is able to take a nap (or even better get a full night’s sleep) take the opportunity to rest.

  • Caffeine can give a boost of energy for a couple of hours. Coffee, soda pop, or tea might be a short term solution.

  • Listen to your body. If you do get on the road and find yourself yawning or having a hard time keeping your eyes open, pull over. When your body tells you sleep is essential, listen to the cues.

  • Have your passenger take over driving if they are well rested. For long trips, having two or more drivers can be very helpful as they can share the driving duties.

Even when you do everything you can to avoid drowsy driving, that may not be the case with other drivers on the road. If you have suffered injuries in an accident, it may be because the other driver was too tired to drive safely. Compensation, both financial and otherwise, may be available for you. Review your situation with an experienced Bucks County personal injury attorney.

When you are in a vehicle collision, you need to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer. The personal injury attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand will work with you for the best possible outcome. Schedule your consultation today, call 215-968-6602.


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