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Differences In NJ and PA Statute of Limitations After an Auto Collision


If you’ve been involved in an auto collision in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, or neighboring New Jersey, there are deadlines that you need to follow in order to connect with financial recovery. Understanding the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is part of ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

A Bucks County personal injury attorney can walk you through  New Jersey and Pennsylvania statute of limitations differences following a traffic collision. Also, lawyers have the background and knowledge required to provide you with tips on maximizing your settlement after a car accident.

Statute of Limitations in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in the wake of car accidents is generally two years. The timeframe starts from the date of the accident. This deadline means you have a two-year window within which to file your lawsuit, and if you fail to move forward within this timeframe it could result in your claim being completely dismissed.

While it is essential to stay within deadlines to strengthen your claim, there are exceptions to set statute of limitation deadlines in some situations. For example, if the accident involves a government entity, there could be adjusted notice requirements and time limits. There could also be shifts if the situation is one of comparative negligence.

Notable Exception In the Garden State

New Jersey has a slightly different statute of limitations for personal injury claims when it comes to car accidents. New Jersey follows the “no-fault” auto insurance system, which means that after a car accident injury it is possible that your own insurance company will be covering your medical expenses. Should you need to step outside of the no-fault system in order to be fully compensated, certain criteria will need to be met, such as proof you have sustained a significant injury or your expenses have exceeded a certain monetary threshold.

Wherever an accident occurred, within Pennsylvania or New Jersey, connecting with a maximum settlement amount involves careful planning and understanding the legal process. Hiring a lawyer can make a significant difference in your case. Attorneys help accident victims navigate the process, assess the value of claims, and negotiate with insurance companies.

It is possible insurance companies will be quick to offer you a settlement, and while they may introduce an offer as a convenient way for you to put the accident in the rear view mirror, it is also possible they are hoping you’ll accept a lowball offer. Consulting with an experienced Bucks County personal injury attorney means you can have a legal professional review the offer to be sure that it is full, fair, and covers all your present and future costs.

Was your car within Pennsylvania when a traffic accident happened or had you crossed the state line into New Jersey? It is important to work with attorneys who are local law experts, and the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand can guide you through the recovery process whether you are involved in a PA car accident or a NJ truck collision. To get started, call 215-968-6602 to schedule your consultation.

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