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Developing a Support System While Navigating a Divorce


Divorce is both an end and a beginning. It takes a lot of emotional energy to move through the divorce process so it is important that individuals build themselves a strong support system. With the proper supports in place, it can make a difficult process smoother. Different connections provide a range of strengths. For instance, a family member who has their own experience with divorce can provide emotional support while a Bucks County family attorney can answer legal questions.

Benefits of Friends and Family Within a Support System

Family members and close friends are people that can be relied on when life is difficult. They can provide help with daily tasks, such as caring for children, and they can be a sympathetic shoulder to lean on when a person is upset.

Ideally, friends to confide in during the divorce process will be ones who have a strong relationship with you, maybe one that was clearly in place before you married. It can be hard to confide in a friend you share with your spouse, as they may not want to be viewed as aligning with one party or the other.

There are also times when you need to expand your circle beyond your friends and family. They may not have experiences that parallel yours or it can be too awkward to discuss your marriage because of other issues. In those instances, a divorce support group can be a wonderful asset to your personal support system.

Fellow support group members are there to listen to your concerns without judgement. Then, if you are seeking advice and ask for help, they can provide it. Some aspects of a divorce are easier to share with individuals in a support group who you know have gone through similar experiences. While these encounters can be advantageous for personal issues, it is important to seek the advice of a Bucks County family attorney for legal questions.

Always Ask a Divorce Lawyer Your Legal Questions

Even if family members, friends, and support group connections have been through the divorce process, their experience may not follow the same path as yours. Always talk to a lawyer. The following are essential components private connections may not know:

  • The details of the divorce, including financial issues, property assessments, and custody concerns.
  • What legal options are available for your particular circumstance.
  • How to secure the elements of your life that are important for you moving forward.

A full support system can make the divorce process easier. This includes individuals you can rely on and confide in, including friends, family members, and support group connections, and a divorce lawyer to be your primary source for legal questions and motions.

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