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Detailed Parenting Plans Are Often Best


There are many significant decisions that parents need to make when they go through the divorce process. One of these is if they will be sharing custody of the kids. And if they will be sharing custody of the children, what the schedule will be and who gets to make decisions and when. Because there can be a lot of questions, it is often best to have a detailed parenting plan. When a plan is too vague, it can lead to confusion and disputes.

Sometimes future parenting plan modifications are needed when circumstances change. But often, if enough information is included in the first plan, it can provide clarity when parents are sharing custody. There can even be language about when modifications should be pursued. A Bucks County family attorney has the experience to advise you on what should be included in your parenting plan.

Questions You May Want to Address

While the law has bare minimums for parenting plans, it is typically best to include more. For example, you will need to outline parenting time, but you may want to handle more detailed questions, such as the following:

  • How will parenting time for special events be handled?
  • Should there be guidelines regarding discipline?
  • What level of involvement can other family members have in the child’s life?
  • Is there a specific place for dropping off and picking up the children?
  • Are there limits on screen time?
  • If a scheduling change is needed, how should that be handled?
  • What are the household rules regarding curfew and allowance?

When concerns are addressed in advance, future disagreements can be avoided. Agreeing on many details of parenting can also provide kids with consistent rules and stable expectations, which can help them successfully manage the transition from one household to two households.

Ask for Help When It Is Difficult to Collaborate

When collaboration between parents is possible, it is typically the best path. Then, parents can land on an agreement that outlines responsibilities, scheduling concerns, and other issues that fit into their daily routines. Naturally, this is not always an option when a couple is divorcing. There are often items that parents disagree about and as much as they try they are unable to agree on a solution.

A Bucks County family attorney can help you draft your parenting plan. The process is not always simple. When parents disagree on key components, a period of negotiation will be necessary. In some situations, mediation can lead to an agreement. Family law mediation may bring options to the table the individuals who are co-parenting never considered on their own, for example. Legal help could be a path to a calm future, free of fights.

Do you need legal support through the child custody process? It is important you work with a legal professional to help you during divorce proceedings. The family law attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand help. Our dedicated legal team understands the finer points of family law. There are opportunities to create the life you want. Schedule your consultation today, call 215-968-6602.

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