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Delays In Family Law Cases


When you have an issue you are trying to resolve, it is normal to want the situation to be addressed as soon as possible. But unfortunately, there are situations when processes are delayed. For example, just as other areas of society experienced pandemic disruptions, there have been delays when it comes to family law. Court and office closures resulted in backlogs, hearings that should be scheduled in a couple of weeks are taking months to schedule.

Thankfully, there are other ways to have your custody issue or divorce handled outside of court. Whatever your family law dispute, talk to a Bucks County family attorney about the possibility of alternative resolution options.

Mediation Could Be a Solution

If you and your spouse are moving toward a divorce in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, mediation could be a way to resolve your issues without needing to go to court. In mediation, a neutral third party is brought in to guide you through the process. Because the mediator is not given the authority to rule, they do not take on the role a judge does in a court of law. Instead, they work to guide two disputing parties toward a settlement that is mutually beneficial.

Mediation types:

  • Working with a mediator who is evaluative means the mediator is sharing with the individuals how a judge may rule given the details presented. Mediators will often share opinions and where they believe strengths and weaknesses are within each party’s arguments.
  • Mediator will lead the negotiation, asking questions to try and pinpoint the main issues. Then, the mediator can guide the parties toward suggesting their own solutions to each of the issues involved.
  • Rather than focusing on final outcomes, transformative mediation is about defining the problems. When the parties are able to see the disputed issues from the perspective of the other party, they may be able to create solutions to clearly defined issues.

While mediation isn’t the solution for every family law situation, it is an option for families who are frustrated as they wait to seek legal remedies that will allow them to move past a family dispute.

Share Your Timeline Concerns with an Attorney

Whether you are just beginning your case or have been involved in a family law conflict for some time, talk to a Bucks County family attorney about delays you have come across and reasons you have for wanting a faster outcome. Then, your lawyer can discuss alternate resolution methods with you. Sometimes patience and court is required, in other situations arbitration or mediation can lead to successful outcomes.

Do you need help with a family law dispute and are finding yourself frustrated by procedural delays? You may have more options than you are aware of, talk to the family law attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand about your objectives and preferred timeline. Because our lawyers have worked through many court cases and resolved disputes through alternative resolution options, we can advise you on which path to resolution could work for you and your unique situation. Call 215-968-6602 to get started.

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