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Coronavirus and Custody Issues


Affecting people throughout the world, individuals and families alike, many parents are having custody issues during this unprecedented time. Issues arise for many sharing custody and this health emergency has brought parenting time concerns to the attention of parents and their legal teams.

Have custody issues been an issue for you during the coronavirus pandemic? A skilled Bucks County family attorney can help you walk through options.

How to Handle Custody Disputes

Because social distancing is in place to flatten the curve of coronavirus, most courts of law are closed. Open courts are typically only available for emergency cases that can not wait for the health emergency to abate. Making changes to a parenting agreement in this environment can be difficult.

Stay-at-home orders and work schedules that are shifting due to social distancing can lead to difficult discussions surrounding parenting agreements. Navigating this situation can be extremely emotional. Discuss your situation with a skilled Bucks County family attorney. A lawyer can help you move toward the resolution you are seeking, even if that shift can not happen immediately.

Child Custody Discussed In Most Circumstances

Parental agreements are put in place without pandemics in mind. Typically, parents can work toward a fair custody agreement and any unresolved issues can be handled in a court of law.

Some of the following issues need to be decided:

  • Where should the child live?
  • Are either of the parents planning to remarry?
  • How will holidays be handled?
  • Where will the child go to school?
  • Are there unique medical or educational issues?
  • How will extracurricular activities be handled?
  • Are modifications to schedules ever permitted?

When mediation and negotiations are happening, it is common to find that the more prepared a parent is the more likely they are to achieve their goals within a custody arrangement. Of course, the best interests of the children need to be at the center of the negotiation. If disagreements end up in court, the judge will work to serve the best interests of the children. They will even pull apart a custody settlement that they do not find to be helpful for the kids.

Experienced lawyers are knowledgeable negotiators working to help you. When you work with a skilled attorney, the two of you can develop a winning strategy to reach your family goals. Because it is essential to remember that what matters in a custody dispute is what the court believes is true. Legal professionals know what is needed to prove your side and show the judge who is the competent and involved parent that is the best suited to be the residential parent.

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