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Compensation for Burns Sustained in Pennsylvania Car Fires


Burn injuries can be extremely painful and lead to lifelong health issues. When fires are prompted by a car accident, the path to recovery can be emotional and demanding. Unfortunately, burn injuries are not rare. In one year, the American Burn Association recorded over 480,000 individuals receiving medical attention for burns in the U.S.

If the negligence of another person or entity caused your burn injury, talk to a Bucks County car accident lawyer. Burns can result in disfigurement, pain, and loss of income. Medical care may be needed for years. You may be entitled to compensation for your family to afford the medical treatments necessary.

Vehicular Fires and Burn Injuries

Car accidents can result in fires for a variety of reasons. There is the possibility of hot fluids from the vehicle burning the skin of individuals involved in the accident or having vehicles ignite and result in injuries from the explosion. Some of the situations that can cause harm when there is a car fire include the following:

  • Damage to skin when exposed to chemicals, such as steering fluids
  • Electrical burns
  • Hot liquids resulting in scalding burns
  • Exhaust pipes and other hot metals causing harm
  • Dangers from power lines being exposed
  • Flame damage from gasoline igniting

Many think of burns as exposure to flames from impacted fuel tanks during an accident. While this is a possibility, in many instances car fires are connected to the engine area, not the fuel tanks. In all cases, severe injuries can and do occur.

Car accidents in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and throughout the county result in burns, fractures, tendon tears, brain injuries, and lifelong health concerns. While you or someone you love is healing, let a Bucks County car accident lawyer work to secure the compensation you deserve.

Serious Burns Are Treated in Burn Centers

Severe burns are extremely painful and have to be cared for in a very specific way in order for the body to recover. Because of this, there are burn centers within hospitals, designed to help individuals who were exposed to chemicals, hot liquids, or flames. Serious burns may require surgery, skin grafts, and medications. While a burn team will work to reduce scarring, it is not always possible. In some cases, loss of function and disfigurement follows.

Of course, it is easier for the body to heal when burns are minor. Seeing a doctor after a collision is important, so burns and other injuries can be looked over. When burns are not severe, it may be possible to clean the area and dress it appropriately before allowing a person to head home from the hospital. It is likely an ointment to prevent infection will also be used.

Is someone you care about healing from burns sustained in a Pennsylvania or New Jersey car crash? Talk to the attorneys at Kardos, Rickles & Hand. Our attorneys know how to secure the maximum settlement amount possible. Car crashes happen every day. When they happen to you, it is essential you have a lawyer fighting for your rights. Reach out today, call 215-968-6602.


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