Cohabitation Lawyer

In Pennsylvania, there are many couples who prefer to cohabitate, or live together instead of marrying. If you are in such a circumstance, even if the union is not a legitimately binding one, ultimately all of your property will be combined in with that of your partner. Often, large portions of the property will belong to both parties. This could include a valuable property such as houses and automobiles. In such situations, a breakup could cost both parties thousands of dollars and months of litigation to distribute these assets. If the couple has children collectively, the toll could be even greater. If you are involved in such a relation, it is crucial to note that without a Cohabitation Lawyer, you do not have the legal assurance that a married couple would have.

Why DO I Need a Cohabitation Lawyer?

When a couple is legally married in Pennsylvania, they have the protection of Pennsylvania probate court if they were to get a divorce or death. This means that if you are are connected in a cohabitation situation, and you have no cohabitation agreement, in the event of death or breakup, you could lose property that you have paid for or contributed to. A Cohabitation Lawyer can better define exactly how a couple’s assets are to be distributed should they break up. In the event of death, a Cohabitation Lawyer can also serve to show how the couple intended for their property to be distributed.It is important to have a Cohabitation Lawyer if something happens. A will is also needed in such cases:

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In situations where both parties may be making payments on a car or house that is in only one party’s name, a Cohabitation Lawyer would shield both parties and help ensure that their property is split fairly. If both parties are running a business together, a Cohabitation Lawyer can better decide who retains the business and how the profits and assets will be divided.

Cohabitation Lawyer Who Protect Child’s Rights in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

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