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Circumstances for Approved Child Support Modifications


Child support agreements are designed to ensure that children receive the financial support they need from both parents. A full financial review takes place when an amount is awarded, but the reality is that life circumstances can change. When changes happen, modifications to these agreements may be required in order for a child support amount to be just.

Pursuing a child support modification is simple in some cases and complicated in others. Before starting the process, talk to a Bucks County family attorney. A lawyer can assess your case and determine if you are in a situation where a modification effort will be easily approved or will lead to ongoing disputes.

When to Pursue a Child Support Modification

A substantial change in either parent’s income can lead to a successful modification pursuit. Sometimes the income shift is because the paying parent loses their job or experiences a significant reduction in salary. Conversely, if the custodial parent’s income substantially increases, the non-custodial parent might request a decrease in support payments.

Modifications in custody or visitation schedules can also warrant a review of child support. For instance, if a non-custodial parent gains more custody time, they may request a reduction in child support. Plus, as children grow, their needs can change, impacting the amount of support required. Significant medical issues could require more financial support and increased education costs, such as private schooling or extracurricular activities, could also justify a modification.

That said, not all circumstances warrant a child support modification. The court is unlikely to approve a request if any of the following are true.

  • Minor income shifts. Small fluctuations in income, especially if temporary, typically do not meet the threshold for modification.
  • Voluntary wage reduction. If a parent voluntarily reduces their income, such as a parent quitting a job before getting another source of income, the court may not approve a modification.
  • Unchanged financial situation. If there is no substantial change in the child’s financial needs or the financial status of the parents, a modification may not be warranted.

When a modification request is made, a court will need to review the current income and financial status of both spouses, so detailed financial statements and proof of income changes will have to be provided. Additionally, evidence of changes in expenses or custody arrangements will need to be supplied.

Document Changes and File Promptly

To increase the chances of a modification approval, keep thorough records of income changes, custody schedules, and any new expenses related to the child’s needs. Next, consult with a Bucks County family attorney. A lawyer can review your case and ensure your documentation is complete and presented effectively.

Were you reviewing your household finances and believe you may have a right to a child support agreement adjustment? Have a conversation with the legal team at Kardos, Rickles & Hand to learn about the likelihood of your securing an approved modification, one that reflects the current financial realities of both you and your ex-spouse. Call 215-968-6602 for a confidential consultation.

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