Should I Fight a Speeding Ticket in Pennsylvania?

Should I Fight a Speeding Ticket in Pennsylvania?

October 25, 2017

In many cases, if you get a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania, you feel like it is not worth fighting it and instead just pay it. However, before you to decide to pay a speeding ticket, you should speak to an attorney about how fighting a traffic violation for speeding in Pennsylvania benefits you whether you …

The Benefits of Record Expungement

March 3, 2017

One wild and crazy night on the town, an act of juvenile foolishness or a friend’s drunk I’ll-do-it-if-you-do-it dare: any of those things can result in a criminal record that follows you and affects all aspects of your life. Pursuing an expungement, which removes the record from the court history, is a legal process worth …

New Jersey Constitutional Protections for Criminal Defendants

February 24, 2017

In New Jersey crimes and offenses are set forth N.J.S.A. 2C:1-4. When charged with a crime or an offense there are certain Constitutional protections afforded. 2C:1-4. Classes of offenses. a. An offense defined by this code or by any other statute of this State, for which a sentence of imprisonment in excess of 6 months …

Having Your Record Expunged In New Jersey

October 19, 2016

We recently had success in having multiple clients granted expungements. Retaining experienced counsel can assist you in potentially having your record expunged. The expungement statute in New Jersey is contained in N.J.S.A. 2c:52-1, et. seq., and is defined as: (a). Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, expungement shall mean the extraction and isolation of …

Refusal to Submit To A Breathalyzer Dismissed

July 7, 2016

One of our attorneys was successful in having a Refusal to Submit to a breathalyzer dismissed using arguments set forth by the Supreme Court of New Jersey case of State v. Leavitt, 107 N.J. 534, 542 (1987), also known as the “confusion doctrine.” Our attorney was successful in having a possession of CDS charge dismissed …

New Jersey Supreme Court: Right to a Jury Trial

May 13, 2016

The Supreme Court of New Jersey in the case of State v. Denelsbeck, found that an individual charged with a third or subsequent DWI offense, in violation of NJSA 39:4-50, is not entitled to a jury trial, and defendant’s conviction via a bench trial did not violate his Sixth Amendment right to a jury trial.

NJ Supreme Court Rules PTI Not an Option After Trial

May 14, 2014

As reported by the the New Jersey Law Journal, New Jersey’s pretrial intervention (commonly known as PTI), designed to divert less serious criminal cases from prosecution, is not available after charges have been tried and guilty verdicts are returned, the state Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday. PTI is not now and never has been a sentencing …

NJ Appeals Court Affirms Suppression of Contraband – Not Enough Evidence to Support Detaining Vehicle or K-9 Search

April 1, 2014

As reported by, a New Jersey state appeals court has ruled that heroin found after a motor vehicle stop in June 2011 cannot be used as evidence against a North Plainfield man because police improperly detained the vehicle and used a drug-sniffing dog. Appellate judges upheld a lower court’s ruling that there was an …

NJ Public Defender & NJ ACLU Push For Deadlines for Criminal Trials

December 27, 2013

As reported by Bill Wichert of the Star-Ledger, after spending nearly five years in jail, 48-year-old Newark resident Tariq Kyam, who has prior convictions, is about a month away from what was expected to be the first of his six robbery trials. There will be six trials, because he is charged in six separate robberies …

Appellate Court Tosses Evidence in DUI Arrest of Princeton University Student

December 19, 2013

As reported by Christopher Baxter for NJ.Com, on Wednesday, December 18, 2013, a three-Judge panel of the state’s Appellate Division suppressed evidence of an October 2010 arrest of a Princeton University Student charged with driving under the influence. The opining Appellate Judge held that the actions taken by police officers at the scene do not …

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