Traffic violations

Traffic violations

February 12, 2015

what to expect for history of 13 violations since 1984

Driving while lisence was suspend for child support non payment now have one year added on it after pleading quilty

Can i appeal a traffic ticket that i pleaded quilty to 4 months ago cause i was told by the traffic court that only points would be added but now i find out they suspended me for 1 year more…Was denied an occupational license and i am self employed home remodeling contractor with out being …

Any way to help.

February 25, 2013

More details to this question: My wife got a ticket for failing to stop for a school bus. She said the lights were yellow and deciced it was safer to keep going and the lights then turned red. Anyway we didn’t fight it because we both work extreme hours and have kids. It was easier …

Traffic Violation

February 5, 2013

More details to this question: I hit a parked car and left the scene. II got a call from my insurance co and I know the other party got my lic # and is going forward with the claim. I know a police report was filed, but I have not received any notice. what should …

Can I get the judge to reverse her decision

More details to this question: I had traffic court where I was charged with driving under suspension. NON dui,, and based only on my drivers record with no criminal history of any kind she said your guilty and that was the end. The person that went right after me for the same charge was a …

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